A conversation revealing the full story of the actor Ha Jung-woo's cell phone hacking incident has been released.

On the 20th, Dispatch received and reported a conversation between Ha Jung-woo and hacker KakaoTalk.

In December of last year, Ha Jung-woo was hacked into a cell phone and was threatened by an unknown hacker for about a month. This was first reported in a media report in January of last year. However, this is the first time that the whole story has been revealed.

The blackmailer who introduced himself as 'Go-ho' began to threaten the leak of personal information as a secret message on December 2, last year, saying he had hacked Ha Jung-woo's cell phone.

Through the katok message, "Ha Jung-woo's cell phone, e-mail, text message, etc. are all hacked. I need money in a hurry, and if you agree, I will discard all the materials cleanly. Let's negotiate. "
Ha Jung-woo did not answer even after reading the message. A day later, the threatening threatened again, "My purpose is money, and if you agree, all materials are discarded. And contacting me for another purpose will not happen again. Please trust me once and worry again."

Ha Jung-woo, who looked into his data (copies of IDs, financial records, photographs and texts sent and received with acquaintances) sent by threatening criminals, decided to catch the hacker while preventing the leak. A day later, after resuming a conversation with a hacker who tried to negotiate, he started to figure out opponent information.

The money requested by Ha Jung-woo was 1.5 billion won. Ha Jung-woo exchanged messages with hackers for about a month. Meanwhile, they asked the police to investigate and made time for the police to catch the blackmailer.

The blackmailer also lowered the amount of money required to receive the money, but Ha Jung-woo took the initiative in negotiating with his opponents as time passed. In the process, Ha Jung-woo showed a proficiency in dealing with opponents by mixing jokes. Speech, emoticons, etc., which can glimpse the peculiar character of the character, attracted attention.

This incident was not the only involvement of Ha Jung-woo. The threat was threatened by hacking eight celebrities including Ha Jung-woo and the cellphone. During this process, five celebrities handed over the money and the amount was reported to total 610 million won.
Ha Jung-woo reported to the police without handing money to the blackmailer. With the help of Ha Jung-woo, the police succeeded in tracking and arresting the party.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office last Friday indicted two hackers per day. It is known that Goho, the general manager of the crime that threatened Ha Jung-woo, escaped through China and laundered money.

They have been accused of hacking the mobile phone cloud of eight celebrities for about three months from the end of last year to the beginning of this year, threatening to release personal data to the media and demanding money and money.

The police are continuing the investigation in cooperation with Chinese investigative authorities (SBS funE reporter Ji-hye Kim)