During his press conference taking stock of the coronavirus epidemic on Sunday, the Prime Minister outlined certain modalities for deconfinement. If all the measures are not fixed, Edouard Philippe notably announced that positive people could be isolated at home or

During his press conference on Sunday, Edouard Philippe was particularly expected on the conditions of the deconfinement. If he remained rather elusive on the subject, announcing a plan of containment to come before May 11, he nevertheless clarified that people tested positive could choose between confinement at home or in another place, such as a hotel .

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For those who test positive after the deconfinement "you will have the choice" declared the Prime Minister. He mentioned the possibility of confinement "at home, which will impose very strict obligations on you and all those who live with you not to go out". The other possibility would be to isolate oneself in "a place which is not your domicile", for example a hotel. "In this case, you will spend a specified period of time in this hotel to avoid infecting other people," added Edouard Philippe.

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