"Even equipment that everyone has is not thoroughly disinfected" Hospital infected hospital April 15 18:02


A hospital staff in Kanazawa, where a hospital-acquired infection of seven patients including doctors and patients with the new coronavirus, responded to an interview with NHK, saying, "I was taking measures to prevent nosocomial infection, such as hand washing and masks There was no thorough disinfection of the hospital equipment that everyone had, such as the keys, every day. "

At Okabe Hospital in Kanazawa, 7 doctors including 3 doctors and 4 patients have been confirmed to be infected, and one of them is a nightclub in Gifu, where a cluster of infected people called cluster is occurring. I was visiting.

Ishikawa Prefecture has determined that nosocomial infection has occurred and has been instructed by the cluster countermeasures team dispatched from the government. At the hospital, more than 10 doctors and nurses waited at home, and 160 people including inpatients PCR An inspection will be done.

In response to an interview on NHK's telephone, Okabe Hospital's general manager Hiroshi Yoshida said, “It is thought that the infection was spread from the doctor who was first confirmed to be infected. Now, the medical staff who are suspected of having the infection are absent, and in the ward. The biggest problem is the lack of personnel. "

On top of that, he said, "I was taking measures to prevent nosocomial infections, such as washing my hands and masks, but I wasn't thoroughly disinfecting every day, even the hospital equipment everyone had, such as the key to the door. We apologize for causing the inconvenience and worry to many people at the institution. "