Hiroshima New infection confirmed for 6 new cases A total of 62 people in the prefecture A new coronavirus on April 13 1:45

In Miyoshi City and Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture, it was newly confirmed that a total of 6 men and women in their 80s were infected with the new coronavirus, and the number of confirmed infections in the prefecture was 62.

Of these, three were infected in Miyoshi City, one male and two females in their 80s.

In Miyoshi City, infections were confirmed one after another, mainly by the users and staff of day care facilities and visiting nursing care services. All three are users of day care facilities.

Two of the three had no symptoms and one had a cough or low-grade fever, but his condition was stable.

The prefecture is looking for more spread.

On the other hand, three people were infected in Fukuyama City, including men in office workers in their 20s, men in the city's Water and Sewerage Bureau in their 40s, and men in their teens.

Among them, men in their forties and teens are the family of a female employee of an office worker who was confirmed infected on the 11th, and a female colleague was also confirmed to be infected. We are examining it as having occurred.

Fukuyama City has decided to temporarily close all municipal schools from the 15th to the 6th of next month, saying that infections are continuing in the city.

Infection confirmation of new coronavirus in Hiroshima became 62 people.