Arrested caregiver on suspicion of stealing medical mask For resale purpose Nagoya April 11 20:47

A 47-year-old caregiver in Nagoya was arrested for stealing 100 medical masks and other items from a nursing home. According to the police, the caregiver has stated that he "stole it for resale."

The arrested was Kazuyuki Usui, a caregiver in Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya (47).

According to the police, Usui was worth about 15,000 yen between December and this month, including 100 medical masks and nail clippers from a nursing facility in Showa-ku, Nagoya City, where he was employed. Suspected of stealing

Usui was arrested on another month in another theft case, and subsequent investigations have revealed the allegation.

According to the police, Usui acknowledged the charges and stated that the investigation was "for the purpose of resale using the flea market app."