Yokosuka City 30s Female Prefectural Employee Infection Confirmation New Corona April 10 20:42

A woman in her 30s, a prefectural employee living in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was newly infected with the new coronavirus.

The newly confirmed infection was a female employee of a prefectural employee in their 30s living in Yokosuka City.

According to Yokosuka City, the woman had a runny nose and lost taste from 6 to 7 months of this month, and when she was tested on 9th, she was infected with the new coronavirus on 10th. I understand that.

Women are mild and should be treated in accommodation that accepts mild and symptomatic infected people.

According to Kanagawa Prefecture, this female employee usually belongs to the department in charge of planning events for international exchange, but was dispatched from this month to the New Coronavirus Countermeasures Headquarters to support data entry. It was doing.

The staff reported that they had abnormal taste and smell and reported to their boss on 9th and were examined. On 10th, infection was confirmed. The symptoms are mild.

The prefecture has 18 staff members at the headquarters, etc., who were contacted during this time, but they have no one to complain of physical condition so far.

In addition, 18 people who are on standby at home respond to telework and do not hinder work.

The prefecture does not know the route of transmission.

U.S. military men also infected

In addition, Yokosuka City revealed that there was information provided by a U.S. Navy Yokosuka base in Japan that one military man living in the city was infected.

The U.S. Army Command in Japan does not, in principle, disclose the infection of military personnel and their families belonging to bases in the country, but information is provided to the city through health centers, and the city It will be announced only to soldiers living outside.