(Fighting against New Crown Pneumonia) Hong Kong passengers from the last "Princess Diamond" diagnosed with New Crown Pneumonia return to Hong Kong

China News Agency, Hong Kong, April 10: A spokesman for the Security Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government said on the 10th that the last Hong Kong resident who had taken the "Diamond Princess" earlier and was hospitalized in Japan for the diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia returned to Hong Kong on the 10th. The staff of the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government who have been staying in Japan to assist in local medical treatment or have been discharged from Hong Kong residents have also completed their tasks and will return on the 10th.

According to information from the Information Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the "Princess Diamond" moored in Yokohama, Japan, broke out in a new crown pneumonia outbreak in early February this year. Among the more than 3,700 passengers and crew on board, there were about 370 Hong Kong passengers. Among the 712 cases diagnosed locally, 76 patients were Hong Kong residents who were hospitalized in Japan for isolation treatment. Among them, three Hong Kong residents passed away unfortunately, and the remaining 73 patients were all discharged after treatment and have returned to Hong Kong or their usual place of residence.

As for other Hong Kong residents who took the "Diamond Princess" at that time, the Hong Kong SAR Government has arranged three charter flights to pick up a total of 193 Hong Kong residents to return to Hong Kong from February 19 to February 13. The Yangcun Quarantine Center accepts 14 days of quarantine. Another 144 Hong Kong residents took other flights back to Hong Kong on their own, including 25 close contacts of patients who had been diagnosed as quarantine patients in Japan. Those who returned to Hong Kong by themselves did not complete the 14-day quarantine at the land quarantine facility in Japan. After the port, you must also check in the quarantine center to complete the remaining quarantine period. Of the 231 "Diamond Princess" passengers who had stayed in the quarantine center of Junyang Village for quarantine inspection, 9 are currently diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.

In addition, 27 Hong Kong residents took a special flight arranged by the Chinese Embassy in Morocco to pick up Chinese citizens stranded in Morocco on the 10th and flew to Guangzhou. They arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport that afternoon.

It is reported that after arriving at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to complete the immigration procedures and collect nucleic acid detection samples, Hong Kong residents on the special plane will take a special car arranged by the Hong Kong SAR Government to return to Hong Kong through the Shenzhen Bay Port. When entering Hong Kong, the relevant person must undergo a temperature test and submit a health declaration form, and then go to the temporary sample collection center of the Asia International Expo for a new coronavirus test. The SAR government will decide whether to receive isolation treatment or compulsory quarantine based on the test results. (Finish)