[Explanation] Recently, Nanjing City released the "Ten Measures for Supporting the Promotion and Employment of College Graduates in Nanjing" (hereinafter referred to as "Ten Measures"), which includes the relaxation of the threshold for settlement of college students under the age of 40 and the introduction of 7,000 apartment security Talent purchases, development of 4000 trainee positions and other 10 aspects of "real money" support.

[Explanation] The "Ten Measures" released this time has three main characteristics. First, policy measures pay more attention to the actual needs of college graduates; second, the benefits are further expanded; and third, the employment channels are further diversified. The reporter noted that one of the most concerned items in the "Ten Measures" is to further relax the threshold for settlement. In this regard, Jiang Fengman, a member of the Party Committee of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau, explained that since the city announced the new policy for talent settlement in 2018, 135,000 undergraduates with technical background and technical skills have settled in and employment development. The New Deal has further increased the intensity of attracting talents to settle down, providing more channels for graduates with college education to be able to find employment and start businesses in Nanjing.

[Same period] Jiang Fengmang, member of the Party Committee of Nanjing Public Security Bureau

Increased the settlement age of undergraduates in the New Deal from under 40 years old to under 45 years old, increased the maximum age of college graduates from 35 years old to 40 years old, and reduced the social security requirements from 24 months to 24 years 6 months.

【Explanation】 According to the "Ten Measures", in order to further expand the employment channels and employment opportunities of college graduates, in 2020, the city will mobilize and organize various enterprises in Nanjing to launch more than 200,000 positions for college graduate recruitment To fully meet the diverse job demands of Lai Ning and Liu Ning. At the same time, in order to promote the employment of enterprises, Nanjing will also provide young college students with more training opportunities.

[Same period] Ma Shuting, member of the Party Leadership Group of Nanjing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and director of the Talent Service Center

This year (2020) we plan to develop 4,000 job placements so that more college students can participate in our job placements or entrepreneurship placements. The time limit has also been relaxed, and full-time college graduates from 6 months before graduation to 2 years after graduation can enjoy employment and training subsidies. (Previous) College graduates participated in our apprenticeship (post). His original standard of living expenses was 70% of the minimum wage, but now it has increased to 80%, from the current 1414 yuan (RMB) to 1616 yuan (RMB).

[Commentary] It is reported that the "Ten Measures" will be officially implemented from May 1, 2020.

Gao Ling Chen Junwei reports from Nanjing, Jiangsu

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]