Actors who threatened to leak personal information after hacking cell phones of famous celebrities such as actors Joo Jin-mo and Ha Jung-woo were caught by the police.

On the 10th, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency arrested two people, including Kim Mo (30) and Park Mo (40), on the 12th of last month for hacking a mobile phone (violation of laws related to promoting the use of information and communication networks and protecting information). On the 20th of the same month, he said that he was detained.

It was reported that they hacked a cell phone of famous celebrities last year and threatened them to steal 600 million won worth of money.

The two arrested were reportedly responsible for receiving the money from the victim and then sending it to China after washing. The police investigation reportedly said, "I did what the man in China told me to do."

The police are cooperating with Chinese investigative authorities after judging that China has a leading culprit for the crime. Despite the possibility of more accomplices in Korea, he is investigating with weight.

The two arrested were found to have nothing to do with Cho Joo-bin, 24, the operator of the Telegram 'Dr. Bang'. Jo Joo-bin insisted that "I leaked the message of Joo Jin-mo" in a telegram chat room operated by her. A police official said, "It is not Jo Joo-bin's crime."

(SBS funE reporter Jihye Kim)