Governor Ishikawa Tanimoto `` Possibility of the prefecture's own emergency declaration '' April 10 22:03

In Ishikawa Prefecture, it was confirmed on October 10 that 20 new people were infected with the new coronavirus. It is the first time that 20 people have been infected in Ishikawa Prefecture a day, and Governor Tanimoto said that there is a possibility that the prefecture would issue its own "Emergency Declaration". We called for self-restraint in unnecessary and urgent outings.

Governor Tanimoto responded to an interview with reporters following the meeting of the New Coronavirus Countermeasures Headquarters.

In response to the question as to whether the government would like to request the State to issue a declaration of emergency, "Three clusters in the prefecture, including those currently possible, are occurring simultaneously. There is a possibility that the prefecture will issue its own emergency declaration. "

Governor Tanimoto then called on the citizens of the prefecture to go to a restaurant with a customer service and to refrain from going out of the way.

When asked how many beds are currently available to respond to the new type of coronavirus, "We are currently securing 500 beds, including private hospitals. At present, there are not enough beds. Has not happened, "he said, indicating that adequate hospitalization was available.

On the other hand, Governor Tanimoto stated that he expressed his intention to tolerate traffic from other prefectures, such as `` Just coming from Tokyo can not restrict freedom of traffic as there is a possibility of infection '' There was no infected person in the prefecture from 20th to 28th last month, and as a result the outlook was poor, "he said.