Fukui Prefecture Confirmed 5 new cases of infection A new coronavirus in 82 people in the prefecture April 12, 12:49

In Fukui Prefecture, five new cases were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, and the number of confirmed cases in Fukui Prefecture was 82.

New infections were confirmed in Echizen, a boy under the age of 10, and in Fukui City, a male in the 60s, a male in the 50s, a male in the 50s, a female in the 80s, and a female in the 60s. There are five men in total.

Of these, two women, a woman in her 80s and a man in her 60s, are patients from a urological clinic in Fukui City where nosocomial infections occurred.

Women in their 80s have fever but not severe symptoms, and men in their 60s have no symptoms.

At this clinic, the doctor and nurse of the director and four patients have already been infected, and the number of infected people has reached six.

Also, on the 10th, the other three people who were infected were all close contacts and people who were infected inside and outside the prefecture, and a boy under 10 years old in Echizen City this month It is a child of a man in his 30s who was infected on the 4th.

A total of 82 people were confirmed in Fukui Prefecture for 17 consecutive days.