The Emperor and Empress can receive an explanation of the infection status from an expert on April 10, 19:49


The Emperor and Empress received briefings from the Deputy Chair of the Government Expert Meeting on the status of infection and the government's response as the spread of the new coronavirus spread.

Deputy Chairman Shigeru Omi of the government's expert meeting drove to the Akasaka Imperial Land where his Majesty's residence was located at 4.30 pm on March 10.

The Majesties said that in one room of their home, Vice-Chair Omi was briefed on the infection status of the new coronavirus and the government's response. This is the first time they have been heard directly from outside experts.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the Majesties are deeply concerned about the spread of the infection and are concerned about the difficult circumstances of their people, and will receive explanations from experts in various related fields in the future.