Emergency Declaration Fukuoka Prefecture Governor Ogawa Decision to request a leave of absence on the 13th of the week April 10 22:00 on April 10

Governor Ogawa of Fukuoka Prefecture, regarding the request for leave that can be implemented by the governor in response to the emergency declaration, will be the first weekend after the `` declaration of emergency '' is issued, taking into account the effect of self-restraint going out this weekend and the infection status, On the 13th, he showed his idea to decide whether to do it.

Governor Koike of Tokyo announced on October 10 the six types of businesses and facilities that the city is requesting to take leave of operation, and has announced that it will pay cooperation to small and medium-sized enterprises that fully respond to such requests.

In response, Governor Ogawa of Fukuoka Prefecture, who has forgotten the leave of absence, responded to a report by a reporter, saying, `` On the first weekend after the `` Declaration of Emergency '' came out, taking into account the effects of self-restraint and outbreak status, I would like to judge whether to request leave cooperation at the beginning of the week. "

He also stated that when requesting leave, he said, "Since the law mentions places that are likely to be so-called" three dense ": closed, dense, and close, we will consider such facilities as a base."

On the other hand, regarding compensation to facilities and businesses that responded to requests, "The law states that compensation is not made even if you request a leave of absence, and the Governor's Association says that compensation should be prepared. Unlike Tokyo, We want to consider what the prefecture can do in a difficult financial situation. "