Ehime confirmed two new cases of infection. New coronavirus on April 28 at 12:34 in 28 people in the prefecture

It was confirmed that two men and women in their 60s in Ainan-cho, Ehime Prefecture, were newly infected with the new coronavirus. It is the fifth person to be infected in Ainan-cho, and Governor Nakamura has asked residents to refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings because the infection has been confirmed in the neighboring Hatata area of ​​Kochi Prefecture.

New infections were found in women in their 60s and men in their 60s living in Ainan-cho.

According to Ehime Prefecture, among them, women in their 60s had a fever on 6th of this month, and after that they had an abnormality that they could not smell. He visited Sukumo City, Kochi several times in late March.

Males in their 60s also were examined and found to be infected because the fever began to fall on the 3rd of this month and did not fall. He has not been out of town for the past two weeks.

Both of them are mild, but will be hospitalized and treated.

It is now 28 people that infection was confirmed in the prefecture, of which Ainan-cho occupies 5 people.

Infections have also been confirmed one after another in the neighboring Hata area of ​​Kochi Prefecture, such as Sukumo City.

For this reason, Governor Nakamura asked the residents of Ainan-cho at a press conference to refrain from going out of the city unnecessarily, and called on the residents of the surrounding area to avoid coming and going to Ainan-cho as much as possible.

He also asked Kochi Prefecture to ask residents in the Hata area, such as Sukumo City, to refrain from coming and going to Ainan Town.