China News Service, Beijing, April 10 (Reporter Du Yan) In order to effectively respond to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the Beijing taxi industry, from January 24 to April 30, 2020, Beijing taxi companies Drivers are given support measures such as reduced contract payments (commonly known as "shares").

Today, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission said that in order to reduce the operating costs of taxi drivers during the epidemic and encourage car operation, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued a support policy for the taxi industry: since January 24, 2020 As of April 30, Beijing Taxi Enterprises will provide support measures such as reduction of the contract gold (commonly known as "shares") to contract drivers.

Taxi companies and self-employed industrial and commercial households shall reduce the contractor ’s fee for a single-bus 70 yuan / day, a double-bus and a pure electric cruise taxi 110 yuan / day; leasing for operating cruises For vehicles, the existing monthly fuel subsidies and job subsidies are paid in full. A certain amount of operating subsidies will be given to taxi companies that encourage drivers to insist on operating and reduce their contractors.

At the same time, taxi companies enjoy tax, social security, and financial support policies issued by the state and Beijing during the epidemic prevention and control period.

The support policy for the operation of electric passenger cars in suburban areas is determined by the government of various districts in Beijing. The online car-hailing companies set their own incentives to encourage drivers to get out of the car, reduce the burden on drivers, and ensure a stable driver team. (Finish)