Aomori Group home confirmed three people infected. Possibility of cluster is also on April 10 21:05

Aomori Prefecture has announced that three new employees have been confirmed on the 10th at a group home in Towada City, where women in their 80s who were infected with the new coronavirus were confirmed on the 9th. The prefecture says that it is highly likely that a group of infected people called a cluster has occurred.

According to Aomori Prefecture, three new cases of infection were confirmed, including one female employee in her 50s and two female employees in her 30s working at a group home in Towada City.

The facility was confirmed to have infected a woman in her 80s on the 9th, suggesting that the prefecture is likely to have a cluster of infected people called a cluster.

According to the prefecture, the three people who were confirmed infected on the 10th were all involved in helping women move and toilets.

Three were hospitalized at a designated medical institution for infectious diseases, two of which had no symptoms, and the other complained of pollinosis such as a runny nose.

To date, 16 contacts have been identified, including families and cohabitants, and the prefecture has requested a 14-day home stay.

On the other hand, when 19 people, including 13 other staff members working at the facility and two family doctors, were tested for viruses, none of them were negative. We decide to hurry the inspection of the residents.

In addition, female employees in their 50s who were confirmed to have been infected were using a sports gym under the jurisdiction of the Kamisuju Health Center late last month and this month, and the status of gym employees and users will be examined. I'm going to.

A total of 17 people have been infected in Aomori Prefecture.