Amy, a former broadcaster in the United States, asked singer Wheesung to openly apologize for making herself a liar.

In an interview with Sports Chosun on the 10th, Amy revealed in a call recording that Wheesung apologized for what Amy revealed last year, "I didn't know that our conversation was being recorded during the call, and the SNS article was true." Wheesung confessed and said, “I'm going to give it back,” because he was so weak that his heart was weak, but when the conversation was only partially revealed, I became a liar. ”

In April of last year, Amy on her SNS said, “I had a close celebrity group A and Proposal, a sleeping anesthetic agent, and I was only investigated by prosecutors. I found out that you were trying to betray me. " Subsequently, when Group A was revealed to be Wheesung, Wheesung refuted it as "actually absenteeism."

In 2013, Wheesung was accused of illegally administering propofol, but in December of last year, he was again investigated by the police after being charged with illegally taking propofol. In the meantime, the battle between Amy and Wheesung on the SNS rose again.

In response, Amy said in an interview, "I only want what I want, but Wheesung's heartfelt apology. I can't tell anyone who hasn't suffered the pain of being betrayed by a friend I trusted." "I wanted to apologize to Wheesung," he said.

Lastly, Amy said, "I'm not saying that my sins are regretful, but I've been paying for myself by staying in another country without a family for five years. Wounds are different. I hope Wheesung will admit her fault, regain her health, and return to what she was before. ”

Wheesung was reportedly receiving psychiatric inpatient treatment while being protected by his family due to severe depression and anxiety disorder.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yun)