Akita Prefecture 2 people confirmed infection 13 new people in the prefecture New type coronavirus April 10 21:38

On October 10, it was newly confirmed that two people living in Akita Prefecture were infected with the new coronavirus. 13 people have been confirmed infected in Akita Prefecture.

Two new cases were confirmed: a woman in her 40s living in Akita City and a self-employed man in her 50s living in the Daisen Public Health Center.

Of these, a woman in her forties had a fever of 37 degrees this month and consulted a medical institution in Akita City. However, her headaches continued, so she received a virus test on October 10 and confirmed the infection. Was. The woman is going to be hospitalized on the 11th and has had a headache, but her symptoms are not severe.

This month, she worked at a workplace in Akita City on the 1st and 6th, and stayed in Sendai City from 20th to 21st last month.

Akita City has determined that three families living together with women are close contacts and will conduct virus testing in the future.

In addition, men in their 50s who were confirmed to be infected began to show signs of fever and headaches in the 37 degrees range from 4th of this month, and the fever rose to 38 degrees on the 9th night. it was done.

The man has a fever of 37 degrees, but will not be severe and will be hospitalized on the 11th.

Akita Prefecture has decided to investigate the history of men's behavior since the man was on a day trip to Fukuoka Prefecture on the 31st of last month.