"Jogging at night with bright colored clothes" The Metropolitan Police Department calls for attention April 10, 21:18


A man jogging on a street in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, was hit by a car from behind and severely injured his head. The Metropolitan Police Department has been cautious not to go out during the day due to the new coronavirus, but also to jogging at night.

Around 30:30 on the evening of the 9th, a man in his 30s was jogging on the street in Sekicho-Kita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, and was hit by a car from behind.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the man was seriously injured in his head and received treatment at a hospital.

Studies show that a male driver in his 60s, who was in a car, explained that he was distracted by the wiper and caused an accident.

The Metropolitan Police Department, while refraining from going out during the day due to the new coronavirus, expects many people to jog at night, so be careful to wear bright colored clothes and reflective materials that shine when the light hits Is calling.