Shitennoji is voluntarily closed. Prince Shotoku was first established since 593 in Osaka on April 9 at 16:06.

Shitennoji Temple in Osaka, founded by Prince Shotoku in the 6th century, decided to close temples and cemeteries on the 10th after receiving an emergency declaration. This is the first voluntary closure since its foundation.

Shitennoji in Tennoji Ward, Osaka, which was built by Prince Shotoku in 593 AD more than 1400 years ago, decided to close the temples and other facilities for the time being on October 10 following the declaration of an emergency.

According to the temple, it is the first time to close all 30 temples since construction, except for the effects of war and fire.

Every year, the cherry blossoms bloom at this time, but tourists are crowded, but it is said that the number of visitors is decreasing, so you can enter the precincts after 10 days, but temples, cemeteries, gardens It is said that all are closed.

The memorial service and prayer will be accepted by mail, and the priest will continue to work as a sutra.

A 70-year-old man who visited the memorial service of his ancestors said, "I came to know that it will be shut down. I think that it can not be helped because of this situation, but I am still lonely. "

"The temple is a place where people seek rescue, so we decided to close this situation as soon as possible, because health and safety were our top priority. I'm glad if you can come back as usual after resuming. "

Mr. Takeshi Yamanojo, who runs a baked confectionery store nearby, says, “Everyone who visits Shitennoji has passed by quickly, and there are very few people who stop by the shop. In addition, when the hall is closed, You may not be able to stand. I'm just worried about it. "