Doctors and nurses infected by Tokyo Metropolitan 2 Hospital New Coronavirus April 9 23:24

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced that doctors and nurses working at two metropolitan hospitals have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.

According to the city, the infections were confirmed by male doctors in their 40s working at Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital and female nurses in their 40s working at Tokyo Metropolitan Otsuka Hospital.

Of these, the doctor at Komagome Hospital is undergoing outpatient and inpatient consultations four times a week. He developed a fever on the 2nd of this month and a virus test on the 6th revealed a positive result on the 7th.

The doctor is not working after the symptoms. Also, as a result of performing a virus test on 16 staff members who came in contact with the doctor, all were negative.

On the other hand, a nurse at Otsuka Hospital is working in a neonatal intensive care unit = NICU. He had a fever on the 29th of last month, was diagnosed with pneumonia on the 6th of this month, and found positive on the 9th.

Nurses have not been on duty the day before the fever was confirmed, and no one has ever complained of physical illness to any staff or patients who have contacted them.

Otsuka Hospital will stop accepting new inpatients at NICU until October 10.

Depending on the city, all hospitals are taking measures against nosocomial infections, and will continue regular medical treatment for general outpatients and hospitalization.