Hunan Huaihua ’s deduction of teacher ’s salary should be used to promote consumption, some schools have cancelled it

Beijing News (Reporter Pan Wenbo) Huaihua City, Hunan Province, has stipulated that the deduction of consumption promotion fees from teachers' salaries has caused concern. The Beijing News reporter today (April 9) learned from the local teachers in Huaihua City that this was indeed the case, and some schools have notified the cancellation of this requirement.

A staff member of the Huaihua City Finance Bureau said that this rule was not only implemented by teachers, but also by public officials, and he was also detained to promote consumption. However, the consumption money is not turned over, but is still used by individuals and designated for consumption. Another staff member of the bureau said that the Finance Bureau is working with the municipal government on specific solutions.

Photographs on the Internet show that Huaihua stipulates that deductions should be deducted from teachers' salaries and designated for various types of consumption.

Teachers: Some schools have been cancelled

On the evening of April 8th, it was reported that Hunan Huaihua demanded that the teachers 'wages be deducted from the teachers' salary.

According to the screenshot of the Internet transmission, "Received an urgent notice from the Industrial Development Center of the Finance Bureau and the leadership of the Bureau. According to the document of the Huai Cai Office [2020] No. 37, the consumption promotion money shall be deducted from the salary. The Huaihua consumption is completed. "The notice requires that teachers who are working and working must download a payment app within the specified time and complete the registration.

In addition, the notice also stipulates the deduction criteria: a deduction of 2000 yuan for performance wages of 2600 yuan, a deduction of 1500 yuan for performance wages of 2350 yuan, and so on. And reminded that the consumer money can be spent in various districts and counties of Huaihua, such as phone charges, ordering food, purchasing goods, etc.

This morning (April 9), a reporter from the Beijing News learned from some teachers in two counties under Huaihua City that the incident did occur.

A teacher from a public school in Zhijiang County told the Beijing News that the school issued a notice of “withdrawing consumption promotion money from wages” last Friday. Yesterday, the school notified teachers of some ranks not to withhold, and today notified this regulation cancel.

A teacher in a public school in Jingzhou County said that she indirectly received a "deduction" notice on the evening of April 3, but as of now, she has not received a notice to cancel the regulations. "We checked the deduction information a few days ago, and according to the normal progress, it should have been sent for review. Now I don't know the specific situation."

The Beijing News reporter noticed that Huaihua ’s local standards for withholding consumer spending vary. The teachers in the aforementioned Jingzhou County said that according to the school's notice, if the teacher's salary is 2600 yuan, 500 yuan will be deducted.

"I feel that doing so violates the rights of teachers." The aforementioned teachers of Zhijiang County believed that this provision was not reasonable without seeking teachers' opinions in advance.

Finance Bureau: Studying solutions

In response to this matter, a reporter from the Beijing News called the Huaihua City Finance Bureau today. A staff member said that there are indeed such regulations, but the implementation targets include public officials in addition to teachers.

He said that he himself was also detained to promote consumption. "According to regulations, cadres above the district level are deducted 2,000 yuan, and we have also been deducted." But he said that the deductions for consumption are not turned over, but are still used by individuals, only for consumption.

In addition, another staff member of the bureau responded to the reporter of the Beijing News that after the Internet fermented, the leaders of the Finance Bureau and the leaders of the municipal government were discussing specific solutions. Follow-up instructions may be issued on the matter. He said that he was not clear about the reasons for formulating the regulations and the basis for establishing the deduction standard.

Beijing News reporter: Pan Wenbo