France and the Rwandan genocide: "Exploring the national archives to shed light"

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Rwandan President Paul Kagame lights the flame of remembrance at the Kigali memorial, during the commemoration of the 21 years of the genocide, on April 7, 2015. AFP / Stéphanie Aglietti

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Researcher Vincent Duclert chairs the commission of historians responsible, at the request of President Macron, for shedding light on the role of France in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. This commission is due to issue its final report on the subject in April 2021 . Before that, it published Tuesday, April 7, an intermediate note. If this document does not contain any revelations, it provides information on how this commission works. What archives does she have access to? Do its members plan to go to Rwanda? And then how does this commission react to the concerns expressed by the Survie association? Its president, Vincert Duclert is the Africa guest of RFI.

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