At the beginning of this year, Mr. Feng Jicai's essay collection "One Study in the World" was published, and the subtle essays all started with one thing and one scene in the study, just like a few stars projecting his spiritual years.

Mr. Feng Jicai is also considered to be an "alternative" with rich experience in the writer world. He has been a basketball player, got the court, and entered the study. He not only created literature, but also committed to the protection of cultural heritage. He founded the Feng Jicai Literature and Art Institute of Tianjin University. Already 78 years old, he seems to have endless energy to control the four carriages by himself-painting, literature, cultural heritage protection and education.

On weekdays, Feng Jicai ran around in order to rescue folk culture. He was rarely at home. Now because of the new crown epidemic, he finally returned to the world of the study, but he is still busy every day. In Feng Jicai's view, the study is a world that can put down the whole world, and in this world of his own, he is a little definite, and the new novel has been written for most of it, which is amazing, but Feng Jicai laughed and said that he is not what The "strange man" is just a tall person with a height of 1.92 meters.

Work continues in an orderly manner

The loss is that the progress of the college museum is forced to be delayed

In an interview with the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, Mr. Feng Jicai lamented that he had not been at home for such a long time. I live at home every day, but the workload has not decreased. "Tianjin University has not yet started school. Our teaching and research work is carried out online or on WeChat. The research department will give everyone three or four research topics. I, I help one, and then they do research, usually a half a month and 20 days to do a research project, after the completion of the paper or the results will be sent to me, I will read it again. The doctoral dissertation immediately went into blind review, and I finished reading it the last time. These tasks have not stopped, and I have been advancing in an orderly manner. "

Mr. Feng Jicai regretted that the originally planned museum museum project could not be started now, "This museum is very large, with an area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters. It was originally planned to start construction in spring this year, and it is no longer possible. Many plans cannot be determined now. There is no way for this. But I will insist on doing it. We will have an online meeting this week, and we have an online museum plan. We are still designing, and we still need to do our job well to minimize the losses caused by the epidemic. "

Intellectuals are all "family members, state affairs, and the world cares about everything." Mr. Feng Jicai is no exception. Although he is busy with his work, he is not "out of the window". He said that after the epidemic occurred, he could not help himself. Watching the news to understand the situation, there is a feeling of anxiety. "I do n’t have time to read too much fragmented news. I just browse the news every morning, read it again at noon, read the news before the rest at night, and read the news three times a day to understand the news. I do n’t have the addiction to keep watching mobile phones. I do n’t like my work being disrupted by these things. I think work and thinking need to be viewed at a higher level in order to see the whole thing deeply. Therefore, we should not pay too much attention to these fragmented information. "

Mr. Feng Jicai said that the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the world is still not good. "What is the virus, what are the characteristics of the virus, will it exist for a long time, will it mutate and how to mutate, experts It has not been researched clearly, so how far-reaching it will affect the future lifestyle, I ca n’t make a judgment now, but I think human beings always have the wisdom to deal with it. While we are worried, we care about the destiny of human beings. We should continue to do what we should do now and do the job at hand. "

The new feature will write "The Other Half of Tianjin"

Things in the world always have pros and cons. While the epidemic created a lot of trouble, it also allowed Mr. Feng Jicai to finally have a whole piece of time to create long articles. He revealed that the novels he has been brewing for many years are now progressing well, and half of them have been completed, which can be completed within this year. "Everyone knows that writing a long story can't be interrupted and can't be disturbed. What is the best state to write a long story? Several characters in the book, you slap him, you know his reaction. This person's character is in your The heart has been formed. At this time, it is no longer to write characters, it is not that you are pulling the characters away, it is the characters that are pulling you away. The characters already have a character, you ca n’t take him. In this state, the writer ca n’t get out of the novel come out."

Feng Jicai said that he has never written a long story for a while. There is a very long-term brewing process. "Writing a long story is not like ordinary work. I decided to start writing, collecting information, making plans, writing an outline, not so, writing a long story. After deciding what to write, the thought should be deepened continuously, so that the character should live a little bit in your heart, and any details suddenly enter your mind. This character runs up and becomes full. The advancement of the novel depends on the characters and the characters. The advancement of the relationship between these, I have appeared in my brain at any time, and will suddenly come out. I have several novels in my head, hidden or present, and sometimes there will be meetings, and the novels will come out. I wrote "The Secular World" ", For more than 20 years, many people have appeared in my mind at any time, and there are many novel characters who are particularly good. If they don't write, they will forget, and the characters will disappear. Writing novels is not the same as writing other articles. In some creations, there are people who are not in life, such as Lin Daiyu. If Cao Xueqin does not write, there will be no Lin Daiyu, and Tolstoy will not write "Anna Karenina". Anna Karenina, life without the characters, you have to imagine it, to write a character, flesh and blood, he was concerned about the people, which is quite amazing process. "

Specific to the new novel being created, Mr. Feng Jicai revealed that he was completely different from his previous "The Secular Man", with different characters, temperament, language, and text, using "another set of pen and ink": "The previous Tianjin subconcession and I grew up in the concession in the Old Town area. "The Secular Man" and "Three-inch Golden Lotus" are all written by people in the Old Town area. Their language is Tianjin, and I grew up in the concession. From the novel Mandarin, it is Mandarin. I went to elementary school. Sixty or seventy years ago, it was Mandarin. The new long story is now a story in the concession. Not many people wrote this story in the past. Many readers do n’t know what the other half of Tianjin looks like. "

Because it is possible to stay at home completely during this period of time, Feng Jicai said that the novel is written smoothly. "Writing a novel requires a certain space and time. Writing a story from the 1980s will enter the feeling of the 1980s. That atmosphere, but in reality, I have a lot of work, especially when I was doing cultural heritage protection work a few years ago, it is impossible to enter the era of the novel, go in for an hour or two, and then do something to rush you away. "

7 hours in the study every day

Write four or five hours a day

Feng Jicai ’s latest essay collection "One Study in the World" was published by the authors ’publishing house early this year. This book records 77 exquisite essays written by Mr. Feng Jicai in the summer of 2019. The details of life are concatenated by" little objects "in the study. The forgotten commemoration, or the harvest that must be kept forever in life, has a profound and vast artistic conception.

Feng Jicai ’s study is called “Heart Residence”. In his view, the writer ’s study is the most undefended place for the writer, because all your imaginations and thoughts are naked in the study and must be expressed in good faith. Readers do not need to read a false word. At the same time, the study is also a trench where the writer shoots bullets outward, a place to settle his own soul, and a place where he can express his poetic sentiments. There is a writer's life in the study. Everything in the study is a very important thing for writers. The study room also has the writer's reading history and writing habits, as well as his unique life aesthetic. The study is a world, a world of oneself, and a world that can let go of the whole world.

Mr. Feng Jicai likes the moment when he walks into the study every day. He always thinks of Hamlet's words: "Even if I put me in the matchbox, I am the master of infinite space."

Because of the epidemic situation, Feng Ji had more time to stay in his study, "I am in the study for about 7 hours a day, and my writing should be guaranteed for four or five hours a day. After reading a large number of academic research papers, my wife and I, Sometimes she will pour me a glass of water and give some fruit. "

There is no particularly valuable collection in Mr. Feng Jicai's study. "The precious things are all put in the museum, and all that is left is something that weighs in my heart. For example, my mother's picture, she is 103 years old this year, and the pictures of her when she was young will always be put in my study. ; There is also a photo of me and my lover when making friends, in her twenties, the first time she was willing to take a photo with me. From this photo, you can feel the time when we were painting and interacting together Carefree. I was a little nervous in the joy that day, because she had been friends with me for two years, and finally agreed to take a photo with me. The photo is a kind of recognition. Now everything that stays in my study More than 90% will not be thrown away. The writer is a person who values ​​the details. The details in the study may be the details of my life. When I face these details seriously, I will definitely re-understand life and Know yourself."

In addition to writing, Mr. Feng Jicai will spend a few hours a week in the studio. "As a way to regulate work emotions and regulate writing fatigue, writing exercises are logic, and drawing is visual exercise. In the studio, open the appropriate Music, painting for two or three hours, I feel very comfortable. "

Since writing "Study One World", did he plan to write the story of the studio, Feng Jicai smiled and said that he had this plan, because his studio's story is also very much. "There are a lot of clues, and it is particularly valuable. My study room has a heritage relationship with some old study rooms. My study room inherits these old study rooms. The young study room is completely different from mine. My generation undertakes The study room of the previous generation was influenced by many people of the previous generation. It has the characteristics of the previous generation.

I am not a strange person, but a tall person

In addition to "Study One World", Mr. Feng Jicai's "Secular World" (3) was also published by Writers Press earlier this year. Feng Jicai explained that after completing the two editions of The Secular Man, he had no intention of writing, but now he is "spoken and untrusted". . The best state of the writer is to believe in the rein of the horse. Ma, his temperament and unexpected inspiration; rein, pen. So, I ca n’t tell you the writing plan for the next few years. ”

Feng Jicai believes that the character of the writer carries the character of the city, and the cultural spirit of the city infiltrates the text unconsciously. Having lived in Tianjin for more than 70 years, he has always hoped to create works that can display Tianjin Jiner, "I am not looking for Tianjin Weier, Tianjin Weier is an appearance, and I am looking for Tianjin Jiner, which is Tianjin spirit. "

In Mr. Feng Jicai's view, Tianjin has its own special place. Ordinary people, after tea and dinner, those who talk and talk, are often local strangers and city strangers. They do not admire the elite and prefer those extraordinary mortals who live by their side. "The characters like these are integrated into the collective likes and dislikes of the people here, and the regional character is hidden in it. The regional character is the deepest regional culture, and I am very fascinated by digging and presenting it. This is what I continued writing this book. Another reason. Two novels have been written in the novel "The Secular Man of the World", why did you write it again? Because these two books set up a stage for the strange people of my hometown. Then there are strange people who pop up and naturally jump up one by one, they all want to be on the stage. Stage a story of your own pride. These characters are all new and unwilling to insist on, so I am not able to decline. "

Having played basketball, worked as a teacher, worker, salesperson, artist, in addition to writing, he is also a painter, and is committed to the protection of cultural heritage, university education, etc., Mr. Feng Jicai's life is also full of legends, asking him if he thinks he is a " Mr. Feng said with a smile: "I am not a strange person, I am a tall person."

Feng Jicai, who is 1.92 meters tall, played three years as a center for the Tianjin basketball team and later retired due to injury, but this also made Mr. Feng Jicai very helpful in taking care of his body. He said that he would usually do something appropriate. Sports activities, "I have enough brain exercise, and I also follow my legs and my waist. I am familiar with kinematics, I know which parts of the vitality should be maintained, which energy should be mobilized, how should the muscles, knees, and waist move, these I all know."

Love to do housework habits parallel work

In addition to proper physical exercise, Mr. Feng Jicai also likes to do housework. "I pour out the garbage and wash the dishes. I like doing housework. I think it is a part of life. I am very happy. I also feel comfortable in organizing flowers and plants."

In the four areas of painting, literature, cultural heritage protection and education, Mr. Feng Jicai called himself a "troika", and he said: "I'm driving my past roads. I think I'm doing these four things positively. I ca n’t give up the same. Literature and painting, I think it comes from a nature, and writing and painting are entirely out of my personal temperament. Rescue and education of cultural heritage is my choice, my choice must be rational, I must do In the middle of this, what is the way to paint and what works to write, this is my idea, but it is casual. For me, these four things are integrated, so I said This is all of my life. "

Mr. Feng Jicai said that he has long been accustomed to this way of working in parallel. "I am pulling a carriage by myself. I always think in my head. When I draw, I think about literature, when I think about school, and when I think about cultural heritage. It is parallel thinking and cross-work. It has been the habit for decades. The workload is very large. The cultural heritage is all-encompassing, such as oral literature, myth epic, Xiehouyu, etc. We collect folk art, folk customs, ancient In the work of villages, inheritors, etc., these contents have compiled 800 million words. The museum that I just mentioned is related to cultural heritage, literature, painting, and art history. It is very rich. "

Mr. Feng Jicai said that he carried a small notebook with him and thought of what he would write down. "But it is mainly in the brain. The mind is alive. The writing can not be planned. If you take it out, it is your own thing."

As for whether he would be anxious about writing, Mr. Feng Jicai denied: "What you do is something you love, so you are not anxious. Anxious things are not anxious because of writing. Anxiety is because of life, society, and human nature. Anxiety, these are thinking anxieties, not writing and work anxieties. "

Feng Jicai is also competent for such a heavy job. He also thanked him for his physical strength. He said that when he wakes up in the morning, he is refreshed and flexible, which is the ideal day to start. Outside of work, "someone comes from afar", more It ’s an exhilaration, “A friend you did n’t expect will come to see you. A friend is a smart, talented person. It ’s really a happy thing. But the work or thing that has been stalled suddenly ushered in a turning point, and the difficulty is solved. You have The opportunity to continue to display his talents is also a very ideal thing. "(Reporter Zhang Jia)