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This atypical Maundy Thursday begins with the plenary session of Congress to extend the State of Alarm for the coronavirus health crisis, which is expected to go ahead with a broad agreement. Only Vox and the Basque and Catalan independentistas will vote against.

In Spain , the coronavirus curve grew again this Wednesday with 757 more deaths in the last 24 hours . There are 6,000 new infected in a day and the Government is already beginning to consider when the containment measures can be relaxed.

Coronavirus data in Spain

    Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 146,690 diagnosed coronavirus cases, 14,555 deaths

  • 42,450 in Madrid (5,586 dead)
  • 29,647 in Catalonia (3,041 dead)
  • 11,788 in Castilla-La Mancha (1,255 dead)
  • 10,058 in Castilla y León (1,028 dead)
  • 9,452 in the Basque Country (635 dead)
  • 8,997 in Andalusia (605 dead)
  • 7,655 in the Valencian Community (724 dead)
  • 6,538 in Galicia (213 dead)
  • 3,549 in Aragon (349 dead)
  • 3,467 in Navarra (206 dead)
  • 2,951 in La Rioja (177 dead)
  • 2,184 in Extremadura (271 dead)
  • 1,762 in the Canary Islands (91 dead)
  • 1,705 in Asturias (102 dead)
  • 1,572 in Cantabria (92 dead)
  • 1,369 in the Balearic Islands (84 dead)
  • 1,326 in Murcia (85 dead)
  • 93 in Melilla (2 dead)
  • 84 in Ceuta (4 dead)
  • 48,021 people have been cured

09.01 Session opens in Congress

The president of the Congress Meritxell Batet has opened the Plenary session in the Congress of Deputies that must extend the Alarm State remembering those who died from the coronavirus and has asked those present for a minute of silence.

8.48 Pedro Sánchez faces the extension of the state of alarm cornered to the right and left

The Government is facing the second extension of the state of alarm from a position of maximum weakness. All power is in the hands of the president, but it will be of little use to him if he does not have the support of parliamentary forces, the ultimate filter of all the measures that are to be activated.

And Pedro Sánchez is leaving backups along the way. Today he will verify it in a Congress that will be practically empty again and in which 90% of the deputies will follow the session from the confinement and vote remotely. In total, the lonely seats will be 307.

The Executive trusts that its proposals -the decree that extends the confinement until April 26 and the three that contemplate measures of an economic and labor nature to alleviate the Covid-19 crisis- will go ahead thanks to a kind of variable geometry each shrinking. Forces from the right and left accumulate criticism and reproach for the "ineffectiveness" and "unilateralism" with which they believe that the Government has acted so far, reports Marisa Cruz . [Read complete information]

8.35 Madrid reaches an agreement with Burgos and Ponferrada to be able to incinerate bodies there

The Municipal Funeral Home of Madrid has reached an agreement with funeral homes in Burgos and Ponferrada to be able to do cremations, reports Servimedia.

This was reported this Wednesday by the delegate of the Security and Emergency Area of the Madrid City Council and municipal spokesperson during the press conference after the Governing Board , where she remarked that, for now, it is only an agreement, but not yet No body has been taken to Castilla y León .

For this, Sanz explained, "we always require the permission of the families," since they are being offered the possibility of doing so in cases where they have to wait more days for cremations. "Obviously" we will be doing what families can say, "but" that possibility already exists with those agreements. "

8.18 Sendero Luminoso leader asks to serve sentence at home for fear of coronavirus

The leader and founder of the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso , Abimael Guzmán , has submitted a request for a precautionary measure to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) requesting to serve his life sentence in house arrest on the grounds that his life and health they would be at risk from the coronavirus pandemic in Peru .

For its part, the commission has urged "not to be fooled by decontextualized arguments that are unrelated to reality," reports Efe.

8.14 Detained for licking groceries worth US $ 1,800

A woman has been detained after licking food and other items worth a total of $ 1,800 (more than 1,600 euros) at a supermarket in northern California , police reported Wednesday and Afp reports.

Chris Fiore , a spokesman for the South Lake Tahoe police department near the Nevada border, said officers went to the Safeway store on Tuesday after "a customer licking groceries" was reported at times of strong fear about the spread of the highly contagious coronavirus . [Read complete information]

7.56 A repatriation plane of 300 Europeans, trapped in the epicenter of the coronavirus in Latin America

Some 300 Europeans, more than half French, were trapped this Wednesday in the Ecuadorian city Guayaquil , the epicenter of the coronavirus in Latin America, apparently due to a failure in the plane in which they were to be brought to Paris , diplomatic sources have reported and aeronautical according to Afp ​​reports.

The apparatus of the Spanish airline Air Europa "apparently has suffered damage and what they have decided is to disembark the passengers; they will be accommodated here," said the spokeswoman for the Guayaquil airport, Daniela Arosemena .

The French ambassador to Quito , Jean-Baptiste Chauvin , has indicated in turn that the problem "was detected on the ground" and that the plane was carrying around 300 Europeans, including about 170 French , in addition to Spanish , Germans , Italians and another dozen nationalities.

7.48 France prolongs the confinement due to coronavirus without specifying date

France is preparing for an extension of its confinement, which this Thursday reaches its 24th day. The end of the quarantine was reached on April 15, but the Government has warned this Wednesday night that it will be necessary to extend the stay at home of its population, although it has not specified dates, reports Afp.

The measure will be announced by Emmanuel Macron on Monday, in a message to the nation. France already has 11,000 deaths from coronavirus in its territory, and on Wednesday the capital and five other departments have reinforced measures to contain the epidemic. Among other things, it has prohibited the practice of sports activities abroad from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., detecting that the number of runners had skyrocketed.

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