China News Service, Kunming, April 8 (Reporter Liu Ranyang) On the evening of the 7th, Yunnan Wildlife Park issued a notice in response to the "Tiger Fishing" project that triggered the Internet search, saying that personnel have been organized to check and carry out Correct in time.

The picture shows the Yunnan Wildlife Park responding to the notice. Photo courtesy of safari park

Recently, an alternative interactive project of "fishing tiger" in Yunnan Wildlife Park has caused discussion among netizens. In the online video, tourists stand outside the guardrail and feed meat to the tiger with a long bamboo pole. Yunnan Wildlife Park said that after the company was informed, it immediately organized personnel to conduct inspections and rectified the project in a timely manner.

The circular stated that some of the wildlife interaction projects carried out in the Yunnan Wildlife Park aim to bring out the zoo ’s popular science education and enrich tourists ’understanding of wildlife. In the future, we will better and more scientifically display and protect wildlife. And welcome tourists and the media to submit comments in time. (Finish)