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Mauro Ferrari , director of the European Research Council (ERC), has submitted his resignation to Ursula von der Leyen due to discrepancies in the management of the coronavirus crisis .

"I am deeply disappointed with the European response to Covid-19," the head of the EU scientific committee announced in a statement published in the Financial Times explaining the reasons for his discontent.

"I came to the EU Scientific Committee as an ardent supporter of the EU, but the Covid-19 crisis has totally changed my views , although I continue to support the ideals of international collaboration with enthusiasm," he says.

The Italian-American has criticized in his message the "total absence of coordination of health policies among the member states, the recurring opposition to initiatives to support cohesive financing, and unilateral border closings".

Likewise, Mauro Ferrari, who has dedicated much of his career to cancer research in the US, has regretted that his proposal to launch a funding program to coordinate European research has been rejected.

" He believed that at a time like this, the best scientists in the world should have the resources and opportunities to fight the pandemic, new diagnostic tools, new dynamic science-based approaches to behavior that replace the often improvised intuitions of political leaders, "he said in the statement.

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