China News Agency, Nanjing, April 8 (Reporter Ge Yong and Zhu Xiaoying) On the evening of the 8th, Beijing time, the "Super Moon" in 2020 lit up the night sky and attracted attention.

Data picture: On the early morning of the 8th, a round of "Super Moon" fell behind a pear garden in Korla, Xinjiang Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture. Indeed Hure

"Super Moon" is not magic, it will be there in most years, sometimes even more than once. There are four "Super Moon" occurrences in 2020, respectively on February 9, March 10, April 8 and May 7. The "Super Moon", which appeared on the sky on April 8 and appeared for the third time, was the "biggest full moon" of the year.

As we all know, the moon's orbit around the earth is oval. Astronomical experts said that during the operation, the moon is far and near when it is far from the earth, the most recent time is about 350,000 kilometers, and the longest time is about 400,000 kilometers.

According to Xu Jun, the secretary general of the Nanjing Astronomical Fans Association, the appearance of the "Super Moon" is due to the fact that the moon runs to the nearest point to the earth this year and is just in the state of the full moon. (Finish)