Declaration of emergency state Decrease in acceptance of children such as nurseries Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare policy April 8 12:15

Following the declaration of emergency, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced to the local government a policy on childcare centers and school childcare. In areas where the declaration has been made, it is urging the government to consider accepting and reducing facilities without requiring restrictions on their use.

Area where 1 declaration came out

In areas where an emergency has been declared, the prefectural governor can request that childcare facilities be restricted if the governor determines that it is necessary to prevent the spread of the infection.

According to the policy set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to local governments, we are requesting that we consider reducing the size of daycare centers without request. In the case of shrinking, it is conceivable to ask parents and others who take time off work to refrain from going to school.

In addition, temporary closures should be considered when children and staff are infected or when the infection is significantly spreading in the community.

However, in any case, local governments will be able to provide necessary childcare for medical professionals, those who must work to maintain social functions, and those who cannot take work in single-parent homes. Is to consider.

In addition, school childcare that accepts elementary school children will be treated in the same way as daycare centers.

Area where 2 declarations are not issued

On the other hand, in areas where an emergency declaration has not been issued, nursery schools are required to be open in principle, taking care to prevent infection.

However, we decided to consider temporary closures when children and staff were infected or when the infection was spreading significantly in the area. Even in such cases, local governments will consider providing childcare to families in need.

School childcare is handled in the same way as nursery schools.