Illustration of a police motorcycle in Rennes. - C. Allain / 20 Minutes

Four verbalizations. And a fifth check which will be fatal. On Monday, a man in his twenties was stopped by police in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor) while he was walking in town. He did not have the displacement certificate, which was compulsory during this period of confinement linked to the coronavirus epidemic. The man was sentenced to prison, reports Le Télégramme.

Before this check, the man had already been fined four times by the police. He was even summoned to court on April 17 but was released, the daily said. He was not so lucky. Tried in court on preliminary acknowledgment of guilt "deferral" (CRPC), the man was sentenced to two months in prison and was imprisoned at the end of the hearing.

The amount of the fine for non-compliance with confinement is 135 euros. This amount is increased to 200 euros in the event of a repeat offense. The law provides that if more than three violations are registered within 30 days, the offense is punishable by six months' imprisonment and 3,750 euros.


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