It was not a few months ago that Serbian Ivanovic was assigned to supervise the national team until his quick dismissal came, without taking any formal mission with "El Abyad." Perhaps the completion of the pillars of the football house, and the formation of its various committees, have come in a direction contrary to the previous perceptions and plans of the members of the Provisional Committee, whose affairs have gone through a specific period, before the conditions change with the advent of new faces, which seem, as if to think with a different perspective, and look forward to an artistic methodology Adapted to the trends and circumstances of the current stage.

Regardless of the person and the identity of the trainer, he remains an individual in the system whose success is based on harmony in thought, meeting the goal and ambition, since the data is the master of the equation, and it is the one who determines the form and type of outputs required from each stage, whatever the size of the plans and the mechanism of their conduct, However, it remains theoretically desired, unless there is a standard that measures its practical and operational side, compared to the level, the bid, and the results.

Some believe that reaching the union’s platform and sitting at its table is a step to impose order and implement the decision, believing that the road is clear, easy terrain, and furnished with silk, despite the difficulties and challenges it faces, and that it is a cause of dislocation of scales and dilution of decisions. Rather, it may be surprising and sometimes shocking to some Among them, especially when the blurring is cleared, and the ranks of force and influence are distinguished from those in the shadow margin, and are driven by the provisions of restrictions and restrictions.

The success of the group depends on the discipline and commitment of the important element of the players in its environment, in addition to the area of ​​strength and influence it will possess on the ground. So Ivanovich left and his replacement will come, so what's new here?

How many names came and left, and the situation remained rippling between a current and a vortex, which has no way but to refine the policy, filter the intentions, and then strengthen the paralyzed wings of the Union, so that it has the authority to revive its presence and activate its existence, since the rigor and flexibility are two sides of a coin, it is impossible to split it in two halves, The work is not straightforward without them, as dealing with events and variables is managed through the concept of firm power, without discrimination of color or favoritism to a party, especially since the elements of the game from clubs, players and administrators are agreed on the basis of "we are all equal to serve the team." So the identity and personality will not come out from under the cloak of pronouncements and promises, as much as they are the product of action, sincerity and impartiality of colors and names!

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How many names did she go and leave, and the situation remained rippling between a current and a vortex.