Sharp blades, huge copper plates and assault rifles adorn the safes of the Ethiopian Morsi women, who inhabit the valley of the Omo River in eastern Africa which is one of the most isolated areas in Africa, with a population of 10,000.

The Ethiopian Morsi tribe is known as the most fierce tribe in the region, and its women boast of carrying guns, decorating their lips with wooden or metal dishes up to 7 inches in diameter, and women cut their skin and ash on the open wound, a process known to cause scars called "kitchoga" and is a kind of adornment and flaunting .

The scars that cover parts of the bodies of the men and women of the Murcia tribe symbolize an animal or a dead enemy, and members of this tribe are famous for their ingenuity as warriors.

The beauty standards for women in this tribe are different from other tribes. For the multi-wives of Morsi people, beauty lies in the lips, and the beauty of women is measured in them, and lips tend to form an artistic painting after decorating them with dishes, which were used in the past to reduce the incidents of kidnapping of women by merchants The slave, however, the dishes today symbolize sexual maturity and the size of the disc is related to the social classification of its wearers, as the dishes are also linked to pride among the tribes, and there is a constant competition to be larger.

Girls start wearing dishes in their lips at the age of about 15 years, and the lip is cut to expand using a wooden piece, and as soon as the first hole has healed, girls begin to expand the ring using clay tablets and wooden tablets.

Often, the women of Morsi engrave their own designs and decorations in the lip dishes, which differ in their sizes, and once the lips heal and expand, the woman does not suffer from any inconvenience, and the effect is limited only to the way of speaking without harming their health and the women of the Morsi tribe are among the few in Africa who are still They use the dishes in the mouth for decoration.

The task of taking pictures of women in the Ethiopian Morsi tribe is a risky adventure or financially costly, and in case someone dares to do so, it is usually advised to avoid members of the tribe at noon because drinking alcohol greatly makes them under their influence, and their possession of Kalashnikovs increases the chance of being killed more.