"No party" spawns phenomenal games

"Animal Forest Friends" attracted the official play "terrier"

The global epidemic situation is grim and people who cannot go out are eager to meet friends. At this time, Nintendo's "Animal Friends Association" detonated the game industry, not only frequently listed on domestic social platforms such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin, but even the official government platform also followed the heat to play "terrier". At present, the price of this game's physical cassette has soared by nearly 60%, and the entire network is out of stock. It will not be available until the end of April. This also makes the Nintendo Switch game console that has been rising in price because of the epidemic more difficult to find.

On March 20, "Meet!" "Animal Forest Friends Association" (hereinafter referred to as "Motion Forest") is released. "Motion" is an old IP. It first landed on Nintendo N64 in April 2001. The new version of "Motion" is mainly social, and its high degree of freedom is loved by players. If the explosion of "Fitness Circle Adventure" during the epidemic was due to the creation of home fitness needs, "Dynamo" has become a new position for players to socialize with its powerful custom system and interactive attributes.

Simulation games are not uncommon, such as "The Sims" and "Famine Tour", etc., and "Dynamic Forest" starts from a virtual island, allowing players to invest in a slow progress after ending fast-paced work. " "Buddha" game world, catching insects, fishing, digging fossils, building houses and paying off mortgages. Of course, the developer Tanuki in the game will never urge you to repay the loan. Despite the real worries, players only need to live at their own pace. The spring, summer, autumn and winter in the game, each day's rising and falling are synchronized with the real world. At night the shop will be closed and the animals on the island will go home and sleep. Different creatures will appear at different times and seasons, there will also be different weather, and various festival-themed decorations. The game even took into account the seasonal differences between the northern and southern hemispheres, and customized different physical states for the players in the northern and southern hemispheres.

However, the reason why "Dong Sen" is on the hot search, called "phenomenal game" is not because it is "Buddha", but its openness and high degree of freedom are "played bad" by players, whether it is an individual , Or the official, have created scenes with big brain holes, and even staged a story that felt warm during the epidemic.

Look at the player's work: some people printed various tide brand logos on T-shirts to make "cottage" cultural shirts; some people made Alipay and WeChat payment QR codes into floor tiles at the door, and can really transfer money; Some people built their own islands into orchards, and erected billboards that read "now picking hair, crispy, sweet, and SF". Others put together the fish they caught and built a "seafood market"; The heat attracted the official play terrier: the fire passage in front of the door was piled with debris, and the Shanghai Fire Officer Bo sounded the alarm to the people; there was also a couple of foreigners, because the epidemic caused the actual wedding to be held as scheduled, simply I called a few friends and held a wedding on the island; and some friends who love Hatsune Miku opened a concert in the game. The actors and props are all available. Although the audience was not many, the momentum of the concert was done.

Many Japanese companies have also started the remote office mode in recent days, but one company did not choose to use office collaboration software such as Dingding, but decided to use "Motion" as a platform. Japanese media also reported this. This remote office is the editor's idea. They use passwords to prevent ordinary people from entering. As the staff arrives, everyone begins to discuss business affairs in the temporary meeting room. Of course, the final style was still off course, and the fish was caught during the meeting. Afterwards, the editor-in-chief also said that although the game could not really be used as an office platform, it was indeed one of the best options for visiting friends during the home stay.

According to statistics, "Assembly!" Only three days after the release of the Animal Friends Association, the sales volume of more than 1.88 million sets became the game sales champion of the week, and the game will also become a work with a final sales of more than 10 million levels. Text / Reporter Chen Si