Yesterday, British actor Honor Blackman, one of the best known James Bond, died for her role in "Goldfinger" (Gold Fingers) at the age of 94, as her family announced.

"She died quietly from natural causes at her home in Sussex (south of England) surrounded by her family," said the adopted sons of Blackman and her four grandchildren in a statement.

Honore Blackman became a true star in 1964 after playing at the age of 38 the role of "Busy Gallor" partner of British secret agent James Bond in "Goldfinger" the third part of the famous series.

She succumbed to Bond magic, but the scene in which she repels his first attempts using martial arts is one of the most famous in this film series, as she put the most famous secret agent in the history of cinema to the ground.

The family statement said: "She was a very beloved mother and grandmother, and a multi-talented actress. Her beauty, intelligence and physical fitness were accompanied by a unique voice and high work literature."

Honor Blackman has participated in many plays, such as "May Fair Lady", "The Sound of Music" and "Cabaret". The actress was also known for the role of "Cathy Gayle" in the television series "Avengers" in the sixties.

James Bond filmmaker Michael Wilson and Barbara Brockley, in a tweet, praised Blackman's "exceptional talent".

The late artist participated in many plays.

She is also known for the role of "Cathy Gayle" in the series "Avengers".