Emergency Declaration Restricted access to research other than the new corona made impossible April 19, 21:19

Following the government's Declaration of Emergency, the University of Tokyo has been unable to conduct research for the time being except for research on the new coronavirus in principle.

Following the "Declaration of Emergency" based on the New Coronavirus Special Measures Law, the University of Tokyo will restrict access to the laboratory from the 8th.

According to this, at facilities such as the University of Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture, research on the new coronavirus will continue, but in principle, other research will not be allowed to enter the laboratory, and research will be possible for the time being. lose.

However, in addition to long-running experiments that suffer significant losses due to discontinuation, work to interrupt ongoing experiments, and care for living creatures and maintenance of equipment, The laboratory is allowed to enter.

On the other hand, it does not limit research that can be done at home.

In addition, classes and meetings will be restricted to online only, and students will be banned from extracurricular activities.