Not surprisingly, for people who shared a bed with others, their partner probably caused their sleep disruption, and in fact a study found that couples caused a third of sleep disturbances.

There is a long standing tradition in Europe that may guide us to how to have a better sleep. Couples in countries like Sweden and Germany each sleep with a different cover than the other in the single bed they sleep on, rather than one large blanket.

The American “HealthLine” website asked the sleep experts and the relationships between the spouses, whether the two-way sleep style can help the daughters to get a good night's sleep, and how it might affect the relationship?

Is the cover issue working? Tara Youngblad, co-founder and senior scientist at Chili Sleep Systems, says that whether one sleeps next to a “cover thief,” or if he flips over in bed, sleeping with two covers can help solve these problems.

"Sleeping is a very selfish act. In order to get the sleep we need, we often need our space, the two do not sleep on the pillows themselves, and likewise obtain two separate covers that allow your freedom and the preferred sleeping methods of both of you," one of the options Personal sleep is the temperature our bodies prefer for perfect sleep.

"A lot of studies have shown that between 92 and 98% of people sleep at different temperatures, and regardless of gender, any two people in one bed sleep better, probably at different temperatures," said Youngblad.

The blankets mean that there will be no compromise on the desired sleep temperature, which is crucial for getting the deep sleep you need to wake up fresh. Doctor Alexandra Stockwell, a relationship and social affairs expert, said: “From my experience, the biggest problem with sleeping with a partner is that the partner sleeps while the other party remains tense, and continues to flip over on the bed, when someone does, he often needs to interact with and wake him From sleep, in this scenario using two covers will not solve the problem, and one of them will have to go to sleep in a different room. ”


People sleep at different temperatures.