Zhang Jingjing, a medical member of Shandong aid Hubei who died of illness, died, but her husband's aid failed to return

After a rescue, Zhang Jingjing, a member of the Shandong Medical Aid Team in Shandong Province who was suddenly ill, failed to greet him.

On the evening of April 6, Peng Mei News (www.thepaper.cn) learned from a person close to Zhang Jingjing that on the evening of April 6, the first batch of Shandong medical aid team members and the head nurse of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Qilu Hospital Zhang Jingjing declared clinical death due to invalid rescue.

At the same time, Peng Mei News (www.thepaper.cn) learned from several employees of Qilu Hospital that Zhang Jingjing's husband was assisting Africa and could not rush back to see his last glance.

Zhang Jingjing arrived in Hubei with the Shandong Medical Team at 2:30 in the morning on January 26. After completing the aid to Hubei, he left Hubei with the team and returned to Jinan on March 21. According to the regulations, the medical observation was concentrated for 14 days.

During his aid to Hubei, Zhang Jingjing wrote a letter to her husband who was assisting Africa, "January 25, 2020 is destined to be a day in our lives that is worth remembering forever. That day you leave a sentence: someone must stand in front of the country's difficulties Come out. Faced with the unknown risks ahead, and responding to the national call, I resolutely embarked on the journey of supporting the epidemic prevention in Hubei. Although far away from the ocean, I am extremely worried and unwilling, but more for myself. Proud of your wife! "

The child is the biggest concern of the two. Her husband said in the letter, "The child is still young. Although there are occasional crying in the hometown because of missing my mother, but there is no one, why come to the small family. The child will surely understand you slowly And proud of having such a great mother. "

In the letter, Zhang Jingjing ’s husband wished to say, “May you work with peace of mind, take care of patients, and take care of yourself. In ordinary positions, write an extraordinary life. Worthy of the title of white angel, on the way to eliminate the epidemic, do your best Try your best to return home as soon as possible! "

Zhang Jingjing's isolation period expired at 5 pm on April 4th. During the concentrated isolation period, all three nucleic acid tests were negative, and he plans to return home to rest on the morning of the 5th. At 7 am on the 5th, there was a sudden cardiac arrest in an isolated hotel room.

Participated in Shandong's first batch of medical aid teams in Hubei Province, "New Year's Day" in Hubei

January 25 is the first day of the Chinese New Year. The first batch of medical teams in Shandong Province flew from Jinan Yaoqiang Airport to Wuhan to participate in epidemic prevention and control.

Zhang Jingjing was one of the first batch of Shandong-assisted medical teams in Shandong Province. Previously, Zhang Jingjing had several diaries authorizing the surging news to be published in the "Serialized Huanggang Diary" series of reports, recording his participation in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia at the Dabieshan Regional Medical Center in Huanggang City, Hubei Province.

On January 26, Zhang Jingjing, who arrived in Huanggang, Hubei, wrote a note: "At 2:30 on January 26, the Shandong medical team finally arrived in Wuhan. I am a member of the general medical team. The other four comrades in Qilu Hospital are in the critical care group. To avoid unnecessary infections, everyone stays in a single room and dine in their own room. "

Zhang Jingjing said that the first thing after arrival was to count the materials they brought. The Shandong medical team was assigned to Huanggang City. The epidemic was very serious. The key is that the local protective equipment was not enough. They only carried the changing clothes and the luggage was all in Protective Equipment.

The first batch of Shandong-assisted medical teams in Shandong Province divided the team members, and Zhang Jingjing was divided into two groups. They then conducted intensive training on new coronary pneumonia knowledge, and then met to assign the next tasks and confirm the focus of the work. To find a way to solve the material problem.

She cut her hair shortly on the third day of Huanggang, she said "no regrets"

Before entering the rescue work, Zhang Jingjing and her teammates made "pre-war" preparations.

On January 28, Zhang Jingjing wrote, "On January 28, the third day of Shandong Medical Team ’s support to Hubei, because girls’ long hair is more likely to sweat and hide viruses, and it is not convenient to wear protective clothing. Taking care of the patient, I cut my hair to an inch long and managed a boy hairstyle. "

She said that before she came to Wuhan, she was ready to be shaved into an "inch", and she also had dozens of female comrades from the Shandong Medical Team with her hair. "At this stage, in the eyes of the girls who love beauty, curbing the epidemic as soon as possible is more important than beautiful long hair. I don't regret making this decision."

In the diagnosis and treatment, Zhang Jingjing found that it was difficult for the members of the Shandong Medical Team to understand the Hubei Huanggang dialect, and the communication barrier between doctors and patients had to be resolved. So she wrote a nurse-patient communication book herself.

On January 31, Zhang Jingjing discovered that in the actual clinical work, the Shandong medical team had difficulty communicating with local patients in Hubei because the local dialects in Huanggang, Hubei, spoke very heavily, and the southern dialect and the northern dialect were very different. Patient does not understand, she does not understand what the patient says. Therefore, Zhang Jingjing decided to write a nurse-patient communication book to facilitate the work of the medical team.

Soon, the preliminary "Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center Nursing Patient Communication Book (Shandong Medical Team)" was released, which contained simple answers to questions that they usually communicate with patients in their work. When the language is not available, they will take out the nurse In the communication book, patients can understand their words when they see the text. She also plans to revise the nurse-patient communication book step by step as the work progresses.

Take care of patients carefully

In the process of participating in the treatment, Zhang Jingjing tried his best to make the patient easy to recover.

On February 1, Zhang Jingjing introduced in his diary that a patient needs to use an inhalation device to inhale drugs. There are five key steps in the use of inhalation devices. The patient needs to master the inhalation method for the drugs to function correctly. Correct teaching can ensure that patients inhale the medicine correctly.

However, in the Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center, they wear thick protective clothing at work and are unable to conduct personal demonstrations. Therefore, Zhang Jingjing posted the introduction of the QR code used in the inhalation device of Qilu Hospital to the ward in the epidemic area. After scanning the QR code, the patient can intuitively see the video of the use of the inhalation device, and the patient can repeat the learning many times. The praises of the members of the Shandong Medical Team. In addition, the two-dimensional code for the use of several other inhalation devices that are more commonly used in patients with respiratory diseases is also printed and pasted by her to the ward, and the patient can scan the code directly to view.

There are always a lot of inconveniences in wearing protective clothing to participate in the rescue work. Zhang Jingjing always strives to overcome it, which has also won the approval of patients.

On one occasion, Zhang Jing was on a quiet night shift. When he took blood from a patient in his 50s at 6:30 in the morning, the patient's blood vessels were not easy to find. She looked for a while and looked at it again and again, looking for a foolproof one. The blood vessel avoids bleeding without a needle, and puncturing again increases the patient's pain.

While she was carefully looking for blood vessels, the patient said, "Child, don't be too close to me. You are so young. From Laoyuan in Shandong to Huanggang, we don't want to pass the disease on to you."

At this time, Zhang Jingjing understood the patient's mood very well, and relieved the patient that the disease could be treated, and hoped that the patient could increase the confidence to overcome the disease.

The cured patient said that she would remember her and the medical team for life

For every medical worker, it should be the happiest thing to see the patient recover from the discharge. Zhang Jingjing recorded the feeling at that moment.

On the afternoon of February 4, the first patient with cured new pneumonia was discharged from Dabieshan Regional Medical Center. This was one of the first batch of patients admitted by Shandong Aid Medical Team. Zhang Jingjing participated in the treatment of this patient.

Zhang Jingjing wrote in the diary of the day, "I did n’t cry when I was separated from the young children; I did n’t cry when I could n’t accompany my parents to have a reunion dinner; I did n’t cry when I suffered from cervical spondylosis recurring on the battlefield; I did n’t cry when I was eating; I did n’t cry when I drew blood from 30 patients in the morning; I did n’t cry when I turned the diaper for the patients in bed; Crying; coming out of the isolation ward, my clothes were soaked with sweat and dripping down, I did n’t cry ... But when the patient collectively praised, when the patient gave a thumbs up, forgive me for not holding back, and burst into tears; When I saw the patient cured and discharged, I waved goodbye to us, and forgive me for not holding back my tears. "

"What we crave the most is the safety of the patient. What we hope most is that the patient is cured and discharged. No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will come. Today is the spring, I hope that the snow will disappear from the wind and the wicker 'New', hope that from today we will hear good news, and hope that the haze will dissipate and victory will come. "Zhang Jingjing wrote.

Zhang Jingjing's other two beautiful patients who participated in the treatment once said to her, "We are about the same age, both are in the 80s. I may never forget the Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center. The help of you Shandong people will help me. I may remember it forever. There is a girl named Zhang Jingjing. I remember how you pulled us back from the edge of death step by step. I am very grateful. "

After more than 20 days in Huanggang, Zhang Jingjing worked smoothly, and she said she could finally get a good night's sleep.

On February 15, Zhang Jingjing wrote, "We came to Huanggang on the 22nd day, experienced the initial establishment of the ward, developed the ward, and experienced the Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center. From 'zero' to the present, patients have been cured and discharged After accepting new patients, I experienced the difficulties and hardships at the beginning. More and more patients are cured. The nerve that is tight in my heart slowly returns to normal. I could n’t sleep from the initial night. Last night, I came to Huanggang. Get the best sleep. "

Zhang Jingjing claimed to have experienced too many touches during this period: the patient smiled brightly when she was discharged from the hospital; the patient gave them too many messages of gratitude; the shy big boy rubbed his clothes corner and said, "See you are busy at four in the morning , You are too hard "; the standard military salute to the veterans when they were discharged from the hospital, this scene gave them more confidence.

Another patient told Zhang Jingjing, "At four o'clock in the morning, when I saw that you were still there, I was very at ease. You are really a beam of light expected in the dark night to help us find the way back to shore."

Return home to rest as planned today, sudden cardiac arrest in the morning

In this war of epidemic prevention, Shandong Province has sent five batches of medical teams to assist Huanggang in a total of 610 people. In the past two months, 726 patients have been treated, including 151 critically ill patients and 27 critically ill patients. On March 18, the "four types" of personnel in Huanggang City were cleared.

Zhang Jingjing's contributions have also won the high recognition of Huanggang City.

On March 19, the Huanggang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a symposium on the work of Shandong Province to support Huanggang City in the fight against the epidemic. Liu Xuerong, secretary of the Huanggang Municipal Party Committee and commander of the city ’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, said, "For the great love of the Shandong people, we Thank you very much and will always remember it. "

Qiu Lixin, deputy secretary of the Huanggang municipal party committee, mayor, and commander of the city ’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, said that with the help of Shandong ’s “big brother”, the situation of our city ’s epidemic prevention and control has undergone positive and positive changes, and important results have been achieved in stages. We will be full of gratitude, forge ahead with enthusiasm, write a magnificent chapter of Huanggang's high-quality development with responsibility and responsibility, and return to Shandong Provincial Party Committee, provincial government and Shandong people's boundless love with excellent results.

At the symposium, Liu Xuerong presented a pennant to the front headquarters of Shandong Province's counterpart in supporting Huanggang City's epidemic prevention and control, and Qiu Lixin awarded the "Huanggang Honorary Citizen" certificate to the Shandong Huanghuang Medical Team.

On the afternoon of March 21st, Shandong Province assisted Hubei's second batch of returnees and counterparts to support the Huanggang epidemic prevention and control front headquarters and assistance Huanggang medical team members, successfully completed all tasks, flew from Wuhan to Jinan, Zhang Jingjing returned on this day Jinan.

Liu Jiayi, secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, said at the airport, "You are the pride of Shandong and a role model for the cadres and the masses of the province. Today, you have returned home in peace, health and well-being, and you want to taste the taste of your hometown, Next, there will be a period of isolation and rest, and we will work hard to provide service guarantee for everyone. "

At 5 pm on April 4th, Zhang Jingjing and their 14-day expiry of the centralized isolation medical observation. During Zhang Jingjing ’s three nucleic acid tests, all were negative. He originally planned to return home to rest on the morning of April 5. Sudden cardiac arrest at 7 am on the 5th.