Two new cases of infection confirmed in Ehime prefecture

In Ehime Prefecture, it was confirmed that two men were infected with the new coronavirus.

Infection was confirmed in men in their 60s in Tobe-cho and men in their 50s in Ainan-cho, all of whom were hospitalized and treated, but their symptoms were mild.

According to the prefecture, a male in Tobe-cho is a family living with a woman in her 60s whose infection was announced on the 3rd of this month.

The man was tested negatively after a relative of a relative living in Matsumae-cho, who was infected, was once negative, but was re-examined due to fever and malaise, confirming the infection.

In addition, a man in Ainan-cho is a family living with a woman in her 50s who was infected on the 5th.

It was the fifth consecutive day that new coronavirus infections were announced in Ehime Prefecture, and a total of 23 people were confirmed to be infected.