Deadline for final tax return Flexible acceptance without delimitation NTA April 6, 13:39

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the NTA announced on June 6 that if it is difficult to file a tax return by the deadline for final tax return, the tax return will be accepted flexibly without setting a deadline.

Initially, the tax return was filed by income tax and gift tax by 16th of last month, and the consumption tax paid by sole proprietors by 31st of last month. In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the deadline for final tax returns has been extended by one month until this month.

However, if the NTA is unable to file a tax return by the deadline on Tuesday due to the spread of infections and the need to go out due to the spread of infection, the NTA will accept the tax return without a deadline after 17th this month. It was announced.

If you file on or after 17th of this month, you will need to report to the staff at the tax office and fill out the extension application form. If you use the "e-Tax" which can be filed via the Internet or mail, you will need to file a return form It is necessary to write "Extension request" in the margins or special notes column.

As for the tax return, the NTA has already filed about 90% of the tax returns as of February 2 last year. I want them not to be there. "