China News Service Jinan, April 7 (Zhao Xiao) According to the official WeChat news of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University in the middle of the night on April 6, Zhang Jingjing, the first batch of medical aid team members from Shandong Province and the nurse nurse in charge of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of the hospital, At the end of the period of centralized isolation medical observation according to the regulations, when he was about to return home to rest, he had a sudden cardiac arrest, which was ineffective after full treatment, and died at 18:58 on the 6th.

According to official reports, on the first day of the Chinese New Year, as the first batch of Shandong medical team members to support Hubei, Zhang Jingjing went to Huanggang to support the local fight against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. On March 21, Zhang Jingjing left Hubei and returned to Jinan with the first batch of medical team members from Shandong. According to regulations, the medical observation was concentrated for 14 days. During the period, three nucleic acid tests were negative. The isolation period expired at 5 pm on April 4. Return home to rest in the morning. Sudden cardiac arrest at 7 am on the 5th.

When Zhang Jingjing arrived at the front line of the epidemic of Hubei War, her husband was still performing aid missions in Africa thousands of miles away. The two could only rely on brief information to report each other's safety. In a newsletter sent to Zhang Jingjing, her husband told her: "I told you about the things you went to the front line and the leaders. I was worried about the long time. If I couldn't do it, I would return to the country in advance. You can work with peace of mind there and make sure you protect yourself." The two are separated by thousands of miles and stick to their respective positions.

During the assistance of the Huanggang Dabieshan Regional Medical Center, Zhang Jingjing cut his hair to an inch longer to make it easier to wear and take off protective clothing and care for patients. She said that before coming to Wuhan, she was ready to shave her "head", hoping to devote more attention to fighting and curb the epidemic as soon as possible.

In the process of treating patients, Zhang Jingjing found that the Huanggang dialect in Hubei and the Northern dialect are very different, and the Shandong medical team and the local patients in Hubei had language barriers in communication. She was worried about delaying the patient's treatment, and then she found a way to print out some of the usual medical communication terms and make them into a "patient-patient communication book", which shoulders the important role of alleviating language barriers and helping nurse-patient communication in the Dabieshan Regional Medical Center.

The picture shows Zhang Jingjing returning from Huanggang with the medical team on March 21, holding a picture given to her by a local child. Photo courtesy of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University

Zhang Jingjing wrote in the "War Epidemic" note on January 31, "I helped the medical team and initially formulated the nurse-patient communication book for the Dabie Mountain Regional Medical Center (Shandong Medical Team). Simple answer, when the language is not available, take out the nurse-patient communication book, and the patient can understand it when they see the text. We plan to slowly revise the nurse-patient communication book as the work progresses slowly. "

"I did n’t cry when I was separated from the younger children, I did n’t cry when I had a reunion dinner with my parents, I did n’t cry when I got tired of cervical spondylosis, my face was marked with a mask, and I did n’t cry ... At the moment of the thumb, when I saw the patient cured and discharged, I couldn't hold back my tears. "On February 4, when I saw the first new coronary pneumonia patient in the Dabieshan Regional Medical Center cured and discharged, Zhang Jingjing wrote the above notes.

The picture shows Zhang Jingjing taking a picture at the airport when returning from Huanggang with the medical team on March 21. Photo courtesy of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University

"I may never forget the help of Shandong people in Dabieshan Regional Medical Center in my whole life. I will remember for a lifetime that there is a girl named Zhang Jingjing who remembers how you pulled us back from the edge of death step by step. Thank you very much. "One patient said Zhang Jingjing's hand when he was cured and discharged.

Zhang Jingjing wrote in his diary that as a medical staff, the most eager to see is the safety of the patient, the most hope is to see the patient healed and discharged, hope that the haze will dissipate as soon as possible, and victory will come soon.

"There is no incurable pain, no indefinite sinking, all the lost will be returned in another way." On March 21, Zhang Jingjing followed the first batch of aid to the Huanggang Medical Team in Hubei Province in Shandong Province, she was in the return notes He wrote that before leaving, he received a lot of boiled eggs. This is the local custom of Huanggang, and he gave the eggs to the loved ones. "Under Xinglin's door, save the life and help the wounded, there is no limit on duty. I wish to protect the prosperity of this heyday with the youth of my generation." (End)