OMRON Honorary Adviser Yoshio Tateishi Infected on the 5th Severely ill Kyoto 04/7 0:59

Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City have announced that eight new men and women in their 20s and 80s living in the prefecture have been newly infected with the new coronavirus. As a result, 133 people were confirmed to be infected in Kyoto Prefecture.

Of the eight newly infected cases, the one in the 80's in Kyoto is Yoshio Tateishi, an honorary advisor to Omron, a major electronics maker, and an honorary president of the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce. From the 1st of this month, he complained of malaise and fever. On the 5th, he was diagnosed with pneumonia at a medical institution and was tested positive on the 6th. Tateishi has been in the hospital since the 5th and is seriously ill.

The couple who live in Kyoto, both men and women in their 50s, are parents who live with the staff of the Kyoto Municipal Fire Bureau, which was confirmed infected on April 4.

Men in their twenties and men in their thirties in Kyoto are JRA staff and are close contacts of those who have been confirmed infected in Chiba Prefecture.

For men in their 60s and 50s living in Kyoto, and men in their 50s living in Oyamazaki-cho, the transmission route is unknown.

133 people have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Kyoto prefecture, of which 3 are severely affected and 22 are discharged from the hospital.