Forest fire in Xiangjiao Township, Muli County, Sichuan: Forest fires go deep into the fire site to clean up smoke points

China News Network, Chengdu, April 6th (Liu Zhongjun, Zeng Peng, Shi Zehui) At 11:00 on April 6th, after more than 500 firefighters from the Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade, fighting day and night, south of the forest fire in Xiangjiao Township, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture The “three noes” has been achieved on the three lines of the east, east and west lines (adjacent to Muli County), there is no open flame on the northern line of the fire site, and there is no threat of further northward expansion. There are still smoke points in the burning area of ​​the northern line of the fire site that need to be consolidated and cleaned up.

At 19:30 on March 28, a forest fire broke out at the junction of Hoitouwan Village and Xiangjiao Village, Qiaowa Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

At 6 o'clock on April 6th, according to the distribution of the smoke spots in the fire site, Zhang Hongwei, deputy head of the Sichuan Forest Fire Brigade, led the front finger and 150 members of the Secret Service Brigade, and Huang Zejun, the head of the Aba Forest Fire Brigade, led 150 firefighters in Liangshan Prefecture Forestry. The fire brigade detachment leader Zhong Ji will bring 157 firefighters, and the deputy director of the Special Disaster Relief Division of the general brigade Liao Wei will train the brigade of 50 people. The fire will be taken from the east, west, and east and west sides of the north line of the fire site. The combination of the water pump and the conventional machine implements comprehensive cleaning of residual fire and smoke points.

At present, the fire area is about 270 hectares visually. After the forest firefighters, local fire brigade, militia and the masses of more than 1960 people swat, patrol and clean up, there were only two smaller smoke spots on the east side of the north line of the fire site, close to "three noes"; the west side has successfully cleaned the smoke point 160 For the rest, more than 100 scattered smoke points were cleaned up on the first line between the east and west sides of the North Line. (Finish)