Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area officially introduced the "Disciplinary Measures" depicting, intentional damage and other seven types of acts of destruction of cultural relics will be punished

Those who destroy the cultural relics of the Great Wall will be refused to "board the city"

Newspaper (Reporter Zhao Tingting) The spring is blooming, and the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area, which has just been opened recently, has ushered in a small peak in passenger flow, and some uncivilized behaviors have begun to rebound. Yesterday, the "Disciplinary Measures for the Destruction of Cultural Relics in the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area" (hereinafter referred to as "Disciplinary Measures") was formally introduced and implemented. In the future, those who destroy cultural relics will be rejected by the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area. In addition, the scenic spot will also strengthen civil air defense plus technical defense measures to provide strong support for uncivilized behaviors in accordance with the law.

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter noticed that the new "Disciplinary Measures" applies to tourists and tourism practitioners that cause damage to the main wall and related buildings such as castles, passes, beacon towers, enemy buildings and other related cultural relics. personnel. The "Disciplinary Measures" stipulates that seven types of damage to cultural relics, such as portrayal and intentional damage, will be given corresponding administrative penalties. If a criminal offense is constituted, it shall be handled by the public security organ in accordance with law. For uncivilized tourism that destroys cultural relics and causes serious social impact, it will also be included in the record of uncivilized tourism according to relevant laws and regulations, and restrictions on ticket purchases and visits will be restricted. The "blacklist" of tourists' uncivilized behavior records will be regularly announced to the society, increase exposure, and strengthen supervision of public opinion.

At the same time that the "Disciplinary Measures" were issued, the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area also revised the "grid management method for the protection of cultural relics in the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area" (hereinafter referred to as the "grid management method"). The newly revised “grid management method” subdivides the Badaling Great Wall open area into 16 “microgrids”, requiring management of “horizontal to vertical and vertical to the bottom”, and the responsibility is placed on people. At the same time, the scenic area will set up a professional administrator team to ensure that there are people on duty to look after and care for you. In addition, the "grid management method" also made requirements for safety inspection, situation handling, education and publicity, maintenance and cleaning.

"The Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area will use" civil air defense "plus" technical defense "to strengthen the inspection and control of cultural relics and provide strong support for uncivilized behaviors according to law." According to Li Dong, a spokesman for the Badaling Special Administrative Region Office, civil air defense, scenic We will strictly implement the “grid management method”, focus on strengthening the construction of cultural relics management teams, continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility of staff through education and training and punishment for dereliction of duty, and implement responsibilities to people through “grid” management, by adding regular inspections and The frequency of key daily inspections will increase the density of control. In terms of technical defense, the monitoring system and drones covering the panoramic area will be used to monitor cultural heritage, strengthen the protection of cultural relics, order maintenance and monitoring of the use of facilities to improve management.

At the same time, Yanqing District is establishing a joint disciplinary mechanism. "Visitors who have been included in the 'black list' in the Badaling Great Wall scenic spot will be rejected by other tourist attractions in the region in the future. At present, relevant systems are being developed." Ye Dong, director of the Yanqing District Cultural Tourism Bureau, said.

Since June 1, 2019, the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Spot has fully implemented a full-network real-name system for booking tickets, which allows the scenic spot to fully grasp the information of tourists and lay the foundation for the introduction of the "Disciplinary Measures". Li Dong introduced: "The Law on the Protection of Cultural Relics", "Regulations on Scenic Spots", "Regulations on the Protection of the Great Wall" and other laws and regulations have relevant requirements and punishment regulations for the destruction of the cultural relics of the Great Wall. , Once again explained to the public in detail the basis of punishment, the standard of punishment and how to punish it, so as to further deter uncivilized behavior, and at the same time make management rule-based and evidence-based. "

The Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area once again appeals to the vast number of tourists. The Great Wall, as an architectural miracle in human history and an incomparable cultural landscape, is the spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation and a splendid gem of Chinese civilization. "Not being a good man until the Great Wall" reflects the cultural confidence of all Chinese children with the glory of the Great Wall. Protecting the Great Wall is an incumbent historical responsibility of every Chinese. Visitors are invited to tour civilizedly to jointly protect our precious cultural heritage.