Bars, nightclubs, and other associations seeking business compensation from Tokyo April 7, 8:39


Bars, snacks and other unions have made petition in Tokyo for business compensation, as self-restraint of going out is expected to be further promoted by the “Emergency Declaration” over the new coronavirus.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Society of Food, Beverage, and Sanitation, located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, has more than 2500 stores, including bars, snacks, and nightclubs in Tokyo.

The union is accepting financial institutions for franchisees who need financing, but since late February it has been consulted for financing due to lack of funds due to the new coronavirus. is.

In the future, while the self-restraint of going out is expected to be further promoted by the "Emergency Declaration", unions have been receiving many urgent calls on the 6th, saying that they can not maintain the store.

The union has filed a petition in Tokyo and other cities seeking business compensation, as about 80% of the member stores have been closed.

In the petition filed, he mentioned that Governor Koike had called for the industry and called for self-restraint, and requested that Japan provide the minimum compensation required to maintain the store ahead of the rest of the country.

"We cannot pay rent without sales, and there is a limit to what we can do with financing. We would like you to consider measures for restaurants with weak management bases," said Tomo Tsukaguchi (73) of the union. I was talking.