Yokohama: 12 new infections confirmed April 5 21:41

Yokohama City has announced on December 5 that a total of 12 men and women in their 20s and 70s have been infected with the new coronavirus.

According to Yokohama City, the newly confirmed infection was
と With a woman in her 50s living in Tokyo working as a clerk at a hospital in the city,
▽ All are resident in the city, male in their 50s running a company, female in their 30s and male in their 40s, 2 males in their 60s, male in their 70s, female in their 20s, female unemployed in their 70s, occupation There are 12 men and women in their 30s and 50s who are checking.

In both cases, the symptoms are mild.

Six of these are relatives and colleagues of people who have already been infected, as well as those who have traveled overseas with the infected person.

Of the other six students, women in their 20s used clubs in Tokyo on the 26th of last month, and women in their 50s working for hospitals in the city participated in live events in Tokyo on 20th of last month. It was that.

In city, we investigate infection route of six people including these two people.

In the prefecture, the infection has been clarified in Kawasaki City and Fujisawa City on the 5th, and the total number of newly infected people is 27.