Shandong Yiyi returned to the nurse for emergency cardiac arrest to receive rescue

News from this reporter (Reporter Zhang Xi) On April 5, according to the official micro-signal information from Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, Zhang Jingjing, the first batch of medical team members in Shandong Province and the head nurse of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Qilu Hospital, on the morning of the 5th He returned home to rest and suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at 7 am on the 5th. He is currently being rescued.

According to hospital sources, Zhang Jingjing left Hubei with Shandong's first batch of medical team members and returned to Jinan on March 21 to concentrate on medical observation for 14 days. During the three nucleic acid tests were negative, the isolation period expired at 5 pm on April 4, and returned home to rest on the morning of the 5th. Sudden cardiac arrest at 7 am on the 5th. At present, the hospital is making every effort to organize the rescue.

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the hospital's information office that on the day of New Year's Eve on January 24, Zhang Jingjing wrote a "voluntary battle letter" after receiving a notice of aid to Hubei. On the afternoon of March 21st, seven members including the medical team of Shandong University Qilu Hospital in Huanggang, Hubei, including Zhang Jingjing, triumphed. When Zhang Jingjing went to the front line, her husband was involved in aid to Africa. He once wrote a family letter to Zhang Jingjing and said, "I told the leader yesterday that you went to the front line. I am worried about the long time. . You work with peace of mind and protect yourself! Drink plenty of water, you have to eat and have a good rest. "

According to the content of Zhang Jingjing's "War Epidemic" in Huanggang, Hubei, on January 31, "In the actual combat of clinical work, I found that there was an obstacle in communication between our Shandong medical team and local patients in Hubei, because the dialect of Huanggang in Hubei is very heavy, sometimes I I do n’t understand what the patient said, and I do n’t understand what the patient said. Under such circumstances, I helped the medical team and initially formulated the nurse-patient communication book for the Dabieshan Regional Medical Center (Shandong Medical Team). More simple answers, when the language is not available, take out the nurse-patient communication book, and the patient can understand it when they see the text. We plan to slowly revise the nurse-patient communication book as the work progresses slowly. "

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