Two new men and women confirmed infection in Chiba City 221 people in the prefecture New Corona April 4 18:31

It was newly confirmed that both men and women in their 20s living in Chiba City are infected with the new coronavirus. Both were close contacts of people who had already been infected.

Two cases of infection were confirmed: unemployed men in their twenties living in Chiba City and female part-time jobs in their twenties.

According to Chiba City, the man was living with a woman in her 20s who had been infected for three days, and she was infected with the new coronavirus on April 4 when she was tested for viruses because of symptoms such as cough. Was confirmed.

On the other hand, the woman had a cough symptom at the same workplace as a 60-year-old man who was found infected in Funabashi City, and as a result of a virus test, the infection was confirmed on the 4th. They are hospitalized at a medical institution in the city, and their symptoms are stable.

In Chiba Prefecture, two new cases were reported in Kashiwa City on the 4th, and seven new cases were reported in Funabashi City. The number of cases confirmed so far in Chiba Prefecture is 221 as of 5:00 pm.