New Corona Outgoing self-restraint request Second weekend Everywhere ... April 4 12:03

This is the second weekend after a request to refrain from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Local governments in Tokyo and elsewhere are urging them to avoid unnecessary and urgent outings, and the number of people in each region is decreasing.

In Tokyo Ikebukuro ...

The major department store in front of the station in Tokyo Ikebukuro is closed this weekend and the traffic in the city is getting less.

Buildings that house major department stores and fashion specialty stores around Ikebukuro Station, which is usually crowded with many shoppers, have their shutters lowered, and a paper stating that they will be closed temporarily this weekend and next weekend.

Also, nearby electronics retailers are taking measures to shorten business hours, opening this store one hour later than usual at 11:00 am and closing the store four hours earlier at 6:00 pm this weekend. People who walked were also sparse.

A 58-year-old man from Nerima Ward said, "I work on weekdays, so I just came out to buy groceries, etc. I would go home immediately and watch TV." I was

On the other hand, taxis waiting for customers were lining up at the taxi stand in front of the station.

A 61-year-old taxi driver said, "There are fewer people than usual and I can't tell if I'll be able to wait one hour and get a pair. "

Tateyama Chiba "Sakura Tunnel" is also quiet

In response to a call for self-restraint due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the "Sakura Tunnel" at a shrine in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, is now quietly blooming.

In the precincts of Awa Shrine in Tateyama, Chiba, about 100 Yoshino cherry trees were planted and began to bloom from the end of last month. Among them, the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom on the approaching road, which is about 150 meters long, are shaped like a tunnel by extending the branches from both sides.

However, even in Chiba Prefecture, there were few people who visited the area due to the call for self-restraint to go out, and there were no people who stopped for a long time.

The shrine says, "Since the infection of the new coronavirus has been confirmed in this area, please come to see it slowly from next year." The cherry blossom tunnel will begin to blossom around the middle of next week.

Sendai's famous cherry blossoms

In Miyagi Prefecture, where there has been a request for self-restraint to go out of the office in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the sights of cherry blossoms that are at their best are sparse.

In Miyagi Prefecture, 18 people have been confirmed to be infected, including outbreaks of the new coronavirus at restaurants in Sendai City, and the prefecture and Sendai City are urgently urgent on March 3 including this weekend. Requested to refrain from going out.

"Ichimoku Senbonzakura" along the Shiraishi River, which flows through Ogawara and Shibata, is now in full bloom, with over 200,000 visitors visiting the area every year.

However, despite the urgent need to go out of control, she was sparse on the 4th, and visitors were wearing masks and walking away from each other, watching the cherry blossoms.

"In response to a request to refrain from going out, we are considering canceling the use of parking lots for cherry-blossom viewing guests," said Fumihiko Otsuki, director of the Ogawara Tourism and Products Association.