The days demonstrate to the entire world our leadership's rational ability and insightful vision in facing challenges and difficulties and turning them into opportunities, this leadership that God has loved us, and that has spared no effort to preserve the life of man and provide him with a healthy and educational environment safe for him, so that he is a strong and effective participant in building institutions A modern country based on knowledge, innovation and creativity.

With these exceptional circumstances, in which the countries of the world live in the face of the emergence of the emerging Corona virus, state institutions in all its sectors and federal and local departments, supervisory bodies and national sterilization teams have proven their efficiency and readiness to contain the crisis and gain community trust, since the first day of the global outbreak of the virus, they have met All medical cadres and teams and all workers in the health sector in the country, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, administrators, technicians and others, call of duty, turning around leadership in a glorious pact witnessed by history to confront the spread of the virus, and addressing the spread of it between citizens and residents, Everyone guarantees the health and safety of everyone.

We, in turn, say to those white hands, who work around the clock, and in light of the enormous conditions and challenges we live in, thank you for your efforts and your exceptional stance, for you are the first line of defense, and you continue the night by day, and embody the most wonderful meanings of giving and dedication in order to enjoy health and safety, and we are in Safe from the dangers of that pandemic that sweeps the world In addition, the citizen’s, the resident’s and the visitor’s keenness to adhere to the instructions issued by the competent authorities, contribute mainly to the success of the emergency plan and preventing the spread of the virus. It is worth praising here the important positive role played by the various media, and their great efforts in spreading awareness among the public, and standing in a row alongside the various state agencies, in resisting and defeating the epidemic, and overcoming the challenges that the country is going through.

There is no doubt that the exceptional quick measures taken by the UAE and its wise leadership in the face of the danger of the virus outbreak, made it a model to be followed among the countries of the world in terms of speed of response and ability to overcome challenges, the government has, in record time, activated early warning systems, and equipped Qualified medical teams, enhancing the stock of medical supplies, food commodities, health insurance coverage for examination and treatment, as well as activating thermal detection systems in air, sea and land ports and gathering places, in addition to adopting and implementing a national program to activate the sterilization system in public places and means Transport, implementation of the distance education and work system, and many other procedures and plans that have proven the UAE's readiness and great ability to face challenges efficiently and competently.

The global human dimension also had an important role for our rational leadership, which took the initiative in extending a helping hand to brotherly and friendly countries, and communicating with them in a step that has no match. And the world, and the precautionary measures and measures taken to alleviate the impact of this epidemic, where the UAE, under the direct guidance of rational leadership, evacuated the citizens of Arab and foreign countries of more than 10 nationalities, who were stuck in China, and were hosted in the Emirates humanitarian city in Abu Dhabi, and to provide them with all medical services. Emphasizing the depth of interdependence between the UAE and its sister Gulf states, and within its humanitarian steps, the UAE, under the guidance of good leadership, received two planes from the United Kingdom, carrying about 400 Gulf students, and a number of other nationalities, all of whom received care, and underwent medical examinations, and they were placed In quarantine in a state hotel.

The UAE has also initiated urgent medical assistance to many affected countries, with the aim of containing the Corona virus and combating its spread, amid international acclaim for the great efforts the UAE is making in the face of the global epidemic.

The history of the UAE testifies to it and its leadership in its global humanitarian initiatives, and to assisting countries in the smallest and darkest conditions, by establishing dozens of humanitarian and development institutions that support developing countries and provide their basic needs. And when it comes to the citizens of the UAE and those residing on its land, "what a good one are" because we believe in this exceptional leadership and its great ability to secure decent living and provide the needs of everyone who lives on this good land.

Minister of Climate Change and Environment

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We say to those white hands, who work around the clock, thank you and your efforts.