12 Special Nursing Home Infections Cluster Occurred New Occupation Corona Tokyo Ota-ku April 4 19:53

Ota-ku, Tokyo, has announced that 12 people living in nursing homes have been infected with the new coronavirus. The ward is examining the population of infected people = clusters as likely to have occurred.

According to Ota Ward, the outbreak occurred at "Ota Ward Nursing Home Tamagawa".

Following a confirmed infection of a male employee in his thirties in the facility on the 1st of this month, a PCR test was performed on 70 people, including residents on the floor in charge of the male employee. Infections were confirmed in 12 men and women between the ages of 90 and 90.

According to the ward, the condition of 12 people is stable, but 4 people with fever were admitted to a hospital in Tokyo, and the remaining 8 people took measures to isolate them into private rooms.

In the ward, there is a high possibility that a group of infected people = a cluster has occurred, and we conduct additional PCR tests for about 60 people including the staff and residents of the facility, and investigate in detail.